Steph Currys Parents Divorce: Check Here The Real Reason Why Steph Curry’s Mom Just Filed for Divorce?

steph currys parents divorce

Sonya and Dell Curry, Steph Curry’s parents, met while attending Virginia Tech many years ago (via The Famous People). Dell was invited to witness one of Sonya’s volleyball games by her volleyball coach. Dell asked Sonya out on a date after the match, and they’ve been together ever since. Dell went on to have a great career in the NBA after the couple married in 1988.

The Virginia native played for the Utah Jazz, Cleveland Cavaliers, Milwaukee Bucks, Toronto Raptors, and, most notably, the Charlotte Hornets over the course of three decades (per Basketball-Reference). Until their second kid was born in 1990, Sonya accompanied Dell to every one of his games. Sonya and Dell Curry are well-liked by fans and frequently attend their boys’ basketball games, Stephen and Seth Curry.

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Unfortunately, after 33 years of marriage, Dell and Sonya have decided to call it quits, despite the fact that they always appeared to be genuinely in love in the media (via People). Despite spending over a year experimenting with a trial separation, the couple decided it was best to part ways.

Sonya Curry Asserts Dell Curry Had Been Unfaithful to His Wife:

Dell and Sonya Curry remain focused on their family’s happiness despite the grief they are suffering as a result of their decision. In a joint statement, they added, “We are grateful for all of our numerous blessings and achievements! We will continue to be committed to and supportive of our children and grandchildren, and we will stay connected. We want that our privacy is maintained and that our family is prayed for as we move forward ” (via People).

While the two have yet to officially address the circumstances of their divorce, according to TMZ, Sonya filed the paperwork first. On June 14, she filed for divorce in North Carolina, citing Dell’s “marital misbehavior” as the basis for their untimely split.

Dell retaliated after Sonya accused him of “marital misbehavior” with his own charges (via TMZ). Dell filed a court document saying that during their marriage, Sonya engaged in “acts of illegal sexual misconduct.” He also accused her of fabricating the allegations.

Between Steph Curry’s Parents, Accusations Are Flying Both Ways:

steph currys parents divorce

Because Sonya is currently living with another guy in Tennessee, Dell Curry claims he should not be required to pay her alimony. Sonya, on the other hand, pointed out that she didn’t start dating her new partner until months after she had divorced Dell. She further revealed that she has been living alone because Dell refuses to let her live with them (via New York Post).

Despite Dell’s attempts to blame Sonya for the divorce, she claims that Dell is the one who cheated on her. During their three-decade marriage, Sonya claimed Dell had indiscretions with a number of women. She also disclosed that Dell’s adultery had been well-known among their family and close friends for years and that it was now an open secret. “In one final act of trying to shield [him] and his family from possible public exposure and scrutiny,” the 55-year-old said she didn’t first disclose Dell. She came to the conclusion that once her ex publicly accused her of adultery, “she was left with no alternative” except to clear her name (via TMZ).

The Curry Family as A Whole Will Most Likely Be Affected by The Breakup:

steph currys parents divorce

Despite the fact that none of the Curry children have spoken out about their parents’ imminent divorce, the end of this marriage will undoubtedly have an impact on the entire family. Stephen Curry and his wife Ayesha Curry have three children together, while Seth Curry, Dell and Sonya’s son, is married to Callie Rivers and has one child with her.

Sydel Curry is married to NBA player Damion Lee and is expecting her first child, which is a significant milestone for the Curry family (via Mercury News). Dell and Sonya will hopefully be able to maintain their friendship and continue to share special moments in their lives.

Aside from sharing children, the couple also owns and operates the Charlotte Montessori School. In 1994, they co-founded the institution (via Clutch Points). The institution educated all three of the Curry children, and it has aided countless other students throughout the years. Sonya remarked, “Montessori has been the cornerstone of my family’s education.

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Montessori appeals to me because of the essential benefits it provides to children: independence, the natural joy of learning, responsibility, and respect for oneself and others ” (via PR Newswire). While the Currys are now going through a terrible divorce, their strong bonds with one another and lengthy history should help them get through it. We’ll be rooting for them to find serenity during this ordeal.

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