Spretz Shark Tank Updates 2022: What Happened to Spretz After Shark Tank Pitch?

spretz shark tank

What Is Spretz?

Spretz is a sugar-free, all-natural freshening spray that tastes great and delivers a powerful mist of odor-removal freshness. Spretz can also be used on the hands to get rid of lingering smells from certain foods or smoking. The hands are left with a silky feeling and no strong scents.

Spretz’s idea originated in Tony Gauthier’s head as he was creating it. Spretz is a natural alternative for eliminating smells that could stay on your hands or inhale. Examples include cigarettes, cigars, cannabis, cheese, coffee, and other potent meals.

Who Is the Founder of Spretz?

Oakland, California, in the center of the Bay Area, is home to Tony Gauthier, the company’s creator, and owner. The smallest of three brothers, Tony has worked in the entertainment business since he was a youngster and has always known he wanted to launch his own business.

He aims to leverage the success of his business endeavors to encourage other people to follow their goals in the future. Unexpectedly, Tony’s mother passed away in September 2012. Since her death five days after her 59th birthday, Tony has been more driven than ever to succeed.

Tony started Spretz. After a while, he teamed up with Wesley Osaze and Scott Hoag to support the promotion of Spretz. Only this natural deodorant can be applied topically and orally.

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Although the company claims there are no chemicals or modifications, there is no ingredient list on the company website. Spretz is manufactured in tiny quantities in the United States. There are two tastes to choose from cinnamon and peppermint.

Each bottle has about 70 “spretzes” in it. As of one week prior to transmission, there is no chance to buy the products through their website. In the Oakland area, the company seems to have some local retail distribution.

What Happened to Spretz at The Shark Tank Pitch?

Tony Gauthier, Scott Hoag, and Wesley Osaze introduce Spretz, a two-in-one breath freshener, and hand refresher, in Shark Tank episode 15 of Season 7. They want to enhance the demand for their products by using Shark Tank.

In their Shark Tank presentation, Tony, Scott, and Wesley ask for $100,000 in exchange for a 20 percent ownership in their $500,000 company. When Tony wanted to get the smell of cigarettes out of his hands, he started. He once literally used his hands to roll gum!

As the trio delivers a “welcome to the future of fresh” hip hop pitch, the Sharks grinned. The samples the guys hand out are appreciated by Lori. They make it clear that it’s not handed sanitizer.

Kevin asks how people are supposed to know to put it on their hands, and the boys say their new label will help. They received buy orders and sold 1000 units for $3.95 each, making a $3500 profit in 60 days. Tony must rub garlic on his hands for Lori to do a “before and after” aroma test.

As Kevin says that the product ought to be on every convenience store shelf in America, he rubs his hands together. According to Mark, placing something on a shelf is simple, but taking it off is challenging. The link is not visible to Mark. He leaves because he thinks it takes $1 million to train others. Robert enjoys the activity but disapproves of the outcome; he leaves.

Kevin leaves after making an ardent plea. Although Barbara thinks the team is capable, she leaves because she feels they are focusing all of their energy on a single, unimportant product. Once more smelling Tony’s hand, Lori exclaims, “It works!” Although she claims she would invest in the team, the product is not a good fit for her.

She goes outside as well, but she exhorts them to work hard because great things are coming. The pitch ended with them walking away empty-handed.

What Happened to Spretz After Shark Tank?

They didn’t capitalize on the Shark Tank effect after the show aired, and Spretz hasn’t made substantial inroads into convenience stores or petrol stations. The boys departed the pitch without a deal.

In 2021, Tony is still hustling Spretz while employed by the California Department of Transportation as a public information officer. The website claims that it is still available for purchase even though it is no longer listed on Amazon. The business earned $826,125 in annual revenue as of November 2021.

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Net Worth of Spretz

The company was valued at $500,000 both during and after the pitch. However, because the company has been selling on its website, it’s possible that its net worth has improved.

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