Southwest Hacks: All You Need to Know!


Perhaps more divisive than the question of whether pineapple belongs on pizza is Southwest Airlines’ boarding procedure. But there is no doubt that the Southwest boarding procedure is distinctive.

No seats have been reserved. There is no assurance that you will be given the desired window seat in the exit row (which means no seat directly in front of you). It’s hardly a given that you’ll be sitting next to your closest friend.

However, it also implies that you can choose your seat once you board the aircraft from any that are available. Choosing a seat at least a few rows back would be a good idea if the man in row three has already pulled out his tuna sandwich.

If you discover the correct resources, you can save a tonne of money using one of the many various travel hacks that are available. To receive the most value for your money, make sure you thoroughly comprehend each rewards program.

In what sequence does Southwest board passengers?

From first to last, below is the list of Southwest’s boarding groups:

The A squad

Seats A1–A15, which are often occupied by Southwest elite travelers and those who paid more for their tickets or boarding, is the first to board Southwest planes. A16–60 Next comes to the rest of the A group.


Southwest permits passengers who require special seats due to a disability, who require assistance boarding, more time, or who require assistance stowing assistive equipment to board first.

You must ask a Southwest customer care representative for preboarding at the ticket counter or departure gate in order to be included in that group.

To determine if you fit the requirements for pre-boarding, be prepared to answer “fact-finding questions,” as Southwest puts them. Preboarding passengers are not permitted to sit in an exit row.

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Households with Children and Uniformed Service Members

You and up to one other adult can board during Family Boarding, which happens before the B group if you’re traveling with a child who is 6 years old or younger. During this time, uniformed active military personnel may board.

B and C Groups

The B group will take off first while the rest of the passenger’s board. A C group is available for large and full flights. Positions 1 through 60 for all groups are boarded in numerical order, from first to last.

What is the process for Southwest boarding?

At check-in, you will be given a Southwest boarding group (A, B, or C), and your position (1–60) will be displayed on your boarding pass. It will probably be your lucky day if you obtain A1 because you’ll get to board the aircraft first. For passengers pre-boarding, on an earlier connecting flight, or who have particular disabilities, there might be some exceptions.

Southwest Airlines’ first-class cabin accommodations?

  1. Some persons do prioritize having extra legroom over other benefits like speedy deplaning. First class seats on Southwest Airlines are allegedly the emergency exit seats on the right side as you make your way down to the center of the aircraft. These seats frequently become available first, but if you find anything available even the middle seat take it. They are the nicest seats on the aircraft and offer nearly twice as much legroom.
  2.  There are different types of overhead bins. Wheels can be easily stored in the very front overhead bins by using a roll-on bag with a form that tapers towards the top. Have you observed that as the nose of the aircraft begins to curve inward just before of row, the very front passenger overhead bins are somewhat less deep than the rest of the aircraft’s storage
  3. Hold on to your kiosk receipt. A free drink coupon or a free WiFi code can be printed on your kiosk-printed receipt, so make sure to check it twice to make sure you don’t miss it or throw it away.
  4.  Board the first available flight. If you can, take the first flight out or fly during a busy time, like 6 o’clock. In order to save money, I believe Southwest Airlines combines not all off-peak flights. One frequent traveler informed me that more than half of her midday or off-peak flights are canceled or delayed. Obtain a spot on the A1-15 flight. Almost always, it is less expensive to purchase the Anytime Fare and upgrade to an A1-15 boarding slot at the gate.
  5.  Are you looking for a middle seat that is free? Your best chances of finding an empty seat next to you on a flight that has a few open seats are in rows 8 to 9. People in group C push past them to the back of the plane in search of a “nice” seat, then take whatever is still available. The best option is to sit in the middle of a row with no exit.
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