7 Top Best Sonia Singh Rajput Webseries With Release Date And Cast

Sonia Singh Rajput Webseries
Sonia Singh Rajput Webseries
Sonia Singh Rajput is an actress who has appeared in films and web series. She also continued to work for various brands and do commercial campaigns. She rose to prominence after appearing in online series such as Miss Khiladi, Kalank, Baby Sitter 2, Paglet, Dirt Deal, Sundra Bhabhi 5, Jism, Call Center, and many others.

7 Best Sonia Singh Rajput Web Series With Release Date And Cast

Sonia Singh Rajput webseries
Sonia Singh Rajput webseries


  1. Paglet

    The mere mention of Kooku is enough to keep the audience entertained. For those who are unaware, the Kooku website or Kooku App is a popular streaming service.


    Release date:11-07-2021
  2. Dirt Deal

    Cine 7 app is a video-on-demand (VOD) platform for the distribution of web series, movies, short films, and music videos. Cine 7 is launching fresh brand neologisms one after the other.

    Dirt Deal

    Release date:05-07-2021
  3. Sundra Bhabhi 5

    Sundra Bhahi 5 is one of the Cinema Dosti app’s most popular web series. The previous four seasons of the show were hugely successful. While the fiftieth

    Sundra Bhabhi 5

    Release date:16-02-2021
  4. Jism

    Kiwi TV is a new OTT platform in India. Kiwi intends to amuse the Indian audience with various notions. Kiwi TV debuted its first online series.


    Release date:08-01-2021
  5. Call Center

    People may now pleasure themselves by viewing enticing and exciting stories on OTT. Ullu is a well-known and well-liked name in the OTT.

    Call Center

    Release date:11-12-2020
  6. Darar

    Darar is a Hootzy Channel Indian drama web series. On November 20th, 2020, the Hindi language web series will be launched. It may be found on Hootzy.


    Release date:06-11-2020
  7. Miss Khiladi-The Perfect Player

    Miss Khiladi-The Perfect Player is a Hindi drama web series that is now available on the Kooku app and website. Kooku is creating online series to remain in touch with his fans.

    Miss Khiladi-The Perfect Player

    Release date:15-02-2020

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