Snoofybee Shark Tank: What Happened to The Baby Diaper Changing Pad After the $120,000 Shark Tank Deal?

snoofybee shark tank

What Is Snoofy Bee?

When a baby’s diaper is being changed, the SnoofyBee baby changing mat keeps them from touching their feces. To keep the baby occupied, a soft, folding barrier is wrapped around his or her waist and can contain toys and tethers.

Michael Perry and Amy Perry, a husband and wife team from Albany, Oregon, developed SnoofyBee. All babies have an intense curiosity, and when his diaper came off, his hands jumped down to inspect. Mike and Amy decided to tag-team the opposition when they were forced to engage in that routine wrestling battle.

However, they hated it and the baby hated it, so they looked for a fix that would make changing diapers much less of a hassle.

Who Is the Founder of Snoofy Bee?

snoofybee shark tank

Michael Perry and Amy Perry of Albany, Oregon are the creators of SnoofyBee. His voracious curiosity, which is characteristic of all infants, caused him to reach down to examine as soon as his diaper came off.

When presented with that routine wrestling match, Mike and Amy resorted to teaming up with the opposition. However, they loathed it, just like the infant did, and looked for a fix to make diaper changes far less of a headache.

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They learned that when changing, their first two boys frequently got their hands dirty. After struggling with their first two kids during diaper changes, they came up with a solution with the help of Grandma’s sewing skills; SnoofyBee was the result.

Retail pricing for SnoofyBee is $29.99, with a carrying case available for an additional $8.99. Both the company’s website and Amazon offer the products for sale. Although it wasn’t yet on shelves when the broadcast was being made, they are currently accepting wholesale inquiries.

What Happened to Snoofy Bee at Shark Tank Pitch?

The two made the decision to pitch their concept to Shark Tank investors in order to get help getting their goods into regular stores. Amy and Michael appear on Shark Tank with their 10-month-old son Emmett and ask for $85,000 in exchange for a 10% interest in their $850,000 company.

They give their explanation, make their argument, and then hand out their samples. Emmett is picked up by Robert, who then delivers her to Lori. Grandma picks up Emmett from Michael and gives her to her before taking him backstage, where the questions start.

A utility patent covers the redirection barrier. 3000 of the 10,000 parts they purchased for the Kickstarter orders were flawed. Michael had to leave his job in order to fix them. Additionally, they mentioned that sales were $140,000 in 2015, $400,000 in 2016, and $650,000 in 2017.

A single unit is produced for $6 and sells for $29.99. They pay themselves $4,000 a month to cover expenses related to marketing, which accounts for 40% of their profits. Mark Cuban is out because he doesn’t like the marketing costs and thinks it would be too tough to reduce them. Bethenny is not buying it because she thinks people will only buy it once.

In spite of the fact that Kevin O’Leary refers to it as a product rather than a business, he is prepared to spend $85,000 for 20% interest in the firm subject to certain conditions. If their patent is accepted and they agree to license it, he will execute the transaction.

For 15% of the company’s stock and the promise to invest in the creation of new products, Robert Herjavec is willing to pay $125,000. Lori Greiner puts pressure on Michael and Amy by making an offer of $100,000 in exchange for 20% of the company. They reject Lori Greiner’s counteroffer of $120,000 for a 20% ownership in their company, she accepts, and they ultimately leave the pitch having reached an agreement.

What Happened to Snoofy Bee After Shark Tank?

The pitch ended with Amy and Michael rejoicing, and the transaction with Lori was never finalized. Since the show aired, they have introduced a number of new products, including bowls with suction cups on the bottom to prevent them from rolling off the table, an eco-friendly diaper bag dispenser, and Chewy Buckle Tethers.

The Snug n Go Baby Carrier’s Kickstarter campaign was canceled in 2019. The following cancellation reasons were given in the section on updates for campaigns: That was incredibly ethical of them, especially considering how many Kickstarter projects fail to fulfill and take donors’ money.

As of November 2021, they have not launched another Kickstarter, but they are still operating and generate $1 million in revenue annually.

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Net Worth of Snoofy Bee

During the pitch, the company was valued at $850,000; since then, it has been operating, with revenues expected to reach $1 million in 2021. This indicates an increase in the company’s net value.

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