Sniffies Iphone App: Features, Pros, Cons and How to Install!


Describe the Sniffies app.

On the app Sniffles, homosexual, bi, and curious guys can connect. These people are the focus of this app where they can properly vent their emotions while also getting rid of their frustration.

This meetup software uses a map to display local sniffies buddies and offers rapid search functionality. In addition to making it simpler for the lads to locate their boyfriends, this also provides them with information on their whereabouts and other things.

you receive data about people and groups that are currently active. Additionally, this app has a tonne of other features that make it simple for you to discover a companion.

The Sniffies app’s features

  • One of the nicest aspects of this software is the ability to locate friends on a map with the help of this function.
  • You have access to the profile pictures of a huge number of different guys, from which you can pick your favorite. Send him a friend request and speak with him.
  • You may also use the nearby search feature to find your companion in your neighborhood.
  • Males can easily express their emotions and discover other guys with the help of this contemporary map-based meeting software. because it’s difficult to clearly identify your sort of servant on other social networks.
  • On this site, as on other websites, privacy is of utmost importance. Your true identity can be concealed here. Through the pseudo location, you can also conceal your true position.
  • You can draw your own location on the map, but unless the other players agree, you can’t see them.
  • If you want access to other premium features in this app, you must first purchase a Plus membership for Sniffles.
  • You have the option to upload your images via the Sniffles app. Because even nudity is permitted here, you cannot download this app through the Google Play Store.


  • Choose a body photo that will look at you, preferably one that is muscular and appealing. The hosting state is freely mutable.
  • Men with an orange ring on their profile can be identified here as those who have set the hosting status.
  • Like other social media platforms, live play sniffies also has chat functionality that lets you converse with other users, approve them, and even propose friendships.
  • You can click on the profile of any of the servants to message them directly and arrange a meeting, regardless of whether he is on your buddy list or not.
  • The profile of the employee you are speaking with on the map has a blue ring around it.
  • Additionally, you may view that guy’s unread messages, and all of the people you’ve interacted with are listed in your chat list.
  • It will automatically become inactive and be erased if you don’t interact with a slave for more than two months.
  • You may not only amuse your friend with the Live play sniffies app, but you can also find out the rendezvous schedule and other information.
  • It’s amusing because there are no constraints here.
  • You can share your explicit stuff, including photos, videos, and activities, with others here.

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  1. It has a contemporary, sensual, and new aesthetic.
  2. Easy to use UI
  3. Map function
  4. user-friendly for mobile
  5. LivePlay is an interesting feature.
  6. Not very pricey


  1. The majority of frequent visitors utilize the website anonymously since they lack accounts.
  2. Their main user base is exclusively American.
  3. Despite being “young,” the website has few visitors.
  4. No free trial is available.

How Is the Sniffies App Installed?


Carefully Follow the Directions Provided.

  1. Find the Sniffies App Download Apk File First.
  2. After Locating the Sniffies App’s Downloaded Apk File.
  3. To Open that Apk File, Click on It or Choose Open from The Menu.
  4. The Installation Will Begin Automatically as A Result.
  5. However, Confirm that The Option for Unknown Sources Is Enabled.

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  1. Go to The Settings on Your Device if This Option Is Not Active.
  2. Go to The Security Settings Here.
  3. Click the Application from An Unknown Source.
  4. Check This Box to Make It Active.
  5. Sniffies May Now Be Easily Installed on An Android Device.
  6. While Installing This Application, Heed the Instructions.
  7. Following the Installation Is Finished.
  8. To Launch that Application, Click It.
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