Slyde Shark Tank: What Happened to Slyde After Shark Tank Pitch?

Slyde Shark Tank

Do You Know What Slyde Handboards Are All About?

Slyde Handboards is a firm that develops Handboards for bodysurfing. Slyde Handboards is the best bodyboarding equipment because of their superior buoyancy, speed, spray reduction, control, and balance, as well as their ability to last longer than any other.

There are numerous advantages to using a larger board. Smaller boards necessitate larger and faster waves.

The Wedge is a great board for riders of all skill levels, especially novices.

It’s easy to drive and has an extra capacity to improve buoyancy, allowing you to go farther and get more lift. Despite its small size, this boat has a high top speed, outstanding maneuverability, and minimal drag.

A small, concave shape like the Bula is perfect for pumping and bottom turning on steep, rapid waves.

Who Is the Man Behind Slyde Handboards?

Bodysurfing and water sports are the focus of Slyde Handboards. It was co-founded by Steve Watts and Russell Ellers in 2010, and Angela Watts was added to the team later that year.

The owners have studied and improved hand boarding equipment for many years.

Designer and developer Steve Watts learned to bodysurf on the South African beaches as a child. Full-size surfboards were too big and cumbersome for him and his friends to handle when they were kids.

In the wake of this, they began experimenting with catching waves using unconventional materials, such as wood and flip-flops.

To their surprise, they found that fast food trays made for an excellent ride because they were so easy to handle when riding a wave.

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An early design for what would eventually become the most advanced hardboards for bodysurfing ever made.

Slyde Shark Tank

Was Slyde Handboards Ever Heard from Again?

Shark Tank season 7 episode 24 features Steve and Angela, who are looking for a $200,000 investment in exchange for a 15% ownership in their company. An estimated value of $1,333,333.33 can be deduced from this.

Sharks are their only hope for survival, as they have all their money invested in the company and are about to be in debt. Samples and demos of the Slyde boards are available for visitors.

One of the company’s most popular products is a $199 carbon fiber model that has sold $366,000 worth of stuff since the company’s 2011 launch.

Last year, they had a profit of $159,000. At the end of this fiscal year, they expect to make $295,000 in profit.

They contributed $10,000 to the company’s capital.

Currently, Robert Herjavec owns Hand Boards, a company that mostly sells its products to smaller surf shops.

A modest increase in profits is seen, and he asks about the marketing approach of the pair.

Customers must be educated in order to improve sales in large-box stores, says Angela.

Lori Greiner isn’t sure if she’ll make a good business partner. She’s on the run.

However, even though Kevin O’Leary thinks the business is too small to invest in, he offers to marry the couple “right here in the Shark Tank.”‘ He rejects his offer, despite his best efforts.

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Mark Cuban wants to know who the customers are. Surfers between the ages of 13 and 16 and those between the ages of 20 and 30 are mentioned by Angela. Mark thinks the market is a little too small. His company, Tower Paddleboards, is looking for new products.

Slyde Shark Tank

Ashton Kutcher is fascinated, but he is inexperienced with this type of goods, and he has a huge internet distribution network. It’s a joke he makes: “I’m an Iowa farm boy.”

However, if Mark Cuban gets involved, he’ll be more than willing to make a bid. Immediately, Mark agrees to the deal, and the couple offers $200,000 for 25 percent ownership.

If they reject the arrangement, Mark assures them, it won’t matter if they give up 5 percent; Steve and Angela are reluctant to give up more than 20 percent.

Kevin asks Robert if he has a contract in place. Robert takes a moment to reflect.

A frustrated Kevin rushes in and offers $200,000 for 15% of the firm in exchange for his marriage to their mother and sister.

Robert offers $200,000 for 15% of the company.

She counters by asking Mark and Ashton if they’d be open to a deal in which she gives them 20% of $200,000. Mark says, “Make it 22% and you’ve got a deal.”

Conferring with each other before agreeing, the two finally accept the offer. Double shark deal in hand, they leave the stage.

“I adore winning,” Ashton sings as he dances on the small table after making his latest investment. “I enjoy winning.” According to Slyde, they’ve found a willing investor to help them ride the waves to success.

After the Shark Tank Pitch, Slyde Handboards

Ashton has been heavily involved in social media advertising and brand building since Shark Tank.

The pair relied on Mark’s sharp business acumen.

The company’s annual income has topped $1 million thanks to the efforts of the duo and the entrepreneurs.

Over 40 shops in the United States presently carry the boards. Both the United Kingdom and Spain have distributors for the product.

The “Slyde ideal team” of Ashton and Mark investors, Angela admitted in a Forbes interview, made it difficult for her to turn down Robert and Kevin’s offers.

One way to surf entails riding the wave all the way to shore.

Slyde is given an update in episode 1003 of season ten. New objects are brought to Mark and Ashton’s attention when they update.

A Kickstarter effort in 2017 brought the Slyde Grom, an inflatable board, to market.

In 2018, Dick’s Sporting Goods began selling them.

Despite the firm’s continued existence, it is expected to produce between $2 and $2.5 million in annual revenue by the end of December 2021.

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