Sleeping Baby Shark Tank Update 2022: What Happened to Sleeping Baby After the Shark Tank Pitch?

sleeping baby shark tank

What Exactly Is a Sleeping Baby?

Sleeping Baby is a unique Zipadee-Zips swaddling garment designed to offer newborns the comfort of the womb while they sleep soundly. Due to its Shark Tank success, Sleepy Baby has grown into a whole line of Zipdee Zip blankets as well as a beautifully-designed website.

Because word-of-mouth and customers talking about the Sleepy Baby Brand has produced so much excitement, the Parkers’ business has flourished without them having to spend a dollar on advertising. What are the most critical requirements of new parents? Babies have the same requirements as adults. Sleep.

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The Zipadee-Zip is a wearable blanket that was created to address this issue. The Zipadee-Zip works in a similar way to swaddling a newborn by covering them in a blanket, but it also allows them to move around freely.

Even when entirely covered, a baby can still play with a pacifier or toy. Zip a dee-Zip protects babies’ skin and keeps them from scratching their faces when they’re in a car seat or stroller. To avoid overheating, cotton and poly textiles are meant to be soft and breathable. They are also fire-resistant, despite the lack of chemical treatment.

Company Name Sleeping Baby
Entrepreneur Brett Parker And Stephanie Parker
Product The Zipadee Zip Baby Swaddle Suit
Investment Asking For $200,000 For 10% equity in Sleeping Baby
Final Deal $200,000 For 20% equity in Sleeping Baby
Shark Daymond John
Episode  Season 6 Episode 1
Business Status In Business

Who Is the Sleeping Baby Founder?

Stephanie and Brett Parker, a husband and wife team, founded Sleeping Baby in 2014 after pitching their baby business on Shark Tank. A single item sold for $35 to $40, and 25,000 had already been sold on the internet.

Before the Shark Tank, a Sleeping Baby:

The Parkers were overjoyed when their daughter Charlotte was born, but their young son began to have many sleepless nights. As a result, not only the children but also their parents suffered. Stephanie’s swaddling clothing was improvised out of desperation, and it worked miracles for Charlotte.

She and her parents both slept for twelve hours the first night she tried it. Their inspiration prompted them to found Sleeping Infant and create the Zipadee Zip, a swaddling baby garment. The couple’s little home-based business was doing well, and they were ready to start a family.

Stephanie became pregnant soon after, but after feeling discomfort, she sought medical help and lost her baby. She was taken aback when doctors told her that if she had neglected the pain for another 24 hours, she would have perished. It was difficult for her customers to understand her struggles as she worked to heal from her physical and mental injuries.

Stephanie and Brett were surprised and comforted by the outpouring of sympathy from other ladies who had gone through similar ordeals. Stephanie’s pleading for patience had been rewarded with words of encouragement and comprehension. The couple’s lives went on, and she fell pregnant for the second time not long after that. Maverick was born without complications as a result of this pregnancy.

The Parker family continued to sell Zipadee-Zips online, but they intended to grow the company for purposes other than profit. Their goal was to make the joy of a peacefully sleeping infant available to the millions of fatigued parents throughout the world. As a result, in September 2014, the Sleeping Baby team appeared on Shark Tank to catch the sharks’ interest.

How Did Sleeping Baby’s Shark Tank Pitch Go?

The Parkers admit to losing a kid a year ago and having to take time away from their business due to difficulty at the start of the Shark Tank show. The company has been able to survive thanks to the support of its customers.

During their visit to Shark Tank, Brett and Stephanie were looking for a $200,000 investment in Sleeping Baby in exchange for a 10% stake. They claimed to have sold 25,000 of their items for a total of “just over $1 million.” The Parkers claim that their business started with just $700.

The Parkers’ business wowed the Sharks, and their tale about losing a baby in the Shark Tank interview affected them. Lori first offers $200K for a 25% interest in Zipadeezip since she knows she’ll have to devote a lot of time and effort to marketing the product.

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Daymond instructed the Parkers to determine whether they wanted to sell the goods in stores or take them to Lori. If they don’t do it themselves, Mr. Wonderful gives them $200K for 20% of the business they don’t do retail (with NO ROYALTY).

With Kevin’s offer, Daymond is willing to test the market. Because both Robert and Mark are no longer in the picture, Mark congratulates the Parkers on their achievements. Brett counters with $200K for 15%, so they enlist Daymond’s assistance in the manufacturing department.

If 20 percent was offered, Daymond says he would generally ask for 33 percent. Make it happen! The Parkers have agreed to participate. As they confess in the hallways, Daymond was their first pick. Daymond John agrees to invest $200,000 in Sleeping Baby in exchange for a 20% stake in the company.

After Shark Tank, What Happened to Sleeping Baby?

The Parkers turned down Daymond John’s $200,000 investment offer after recording the Shark Tank episode. Zip a dee-Zips are still available for purchase on the internet (which the Sharks always appreciate). Sleeping Baby teethers, Snoozie Mats (pre-school naps), and knitted zipper Onez are available for purchase on the Sleeping Baby website or Amazon.

Following their participation in Shark Tank, the Parkers turned down a $200,000 investment offer from Daymond John. Zip a dee-Zips are frequently purchased on the internet (in a way the Sharks enjoy). Deals are established while the show is filming, but they must be formalized afterward, and occasionally the negotiations become even more problematic.

Despite his gracious reaction, Daymond offered to collaborate with the Parkers, but they preferred to go it alone. He was glad to coach them and offer business advice on a regular basis, despite the fact that he was not actively involved in the company.

They continue to handle all of their sales through their well-designed and attractive website, which is adorned with a plethora of photographs of smiling children. According to an August 2015 interview, they sold nearly $4 million that year. The corporation recently constructed a warehouse in Fort Worth, Texas, and has begun to participate in humanitarian efforts.

One of their clients recently gathered money to assist pay for her critically ill infant’s medical bills. They wanted to repay the community for its assistance during their own difficult period. It gives the Parkers comfort to know that they’ve built a thriving business and provided a supportive environment for other fatigued parents.

Is Sleeping Baby Still In Business?

Despite the fact that the contract with Daymond never closed, Sleeping Baby is still open as of December 2021. The corporation has a revenue of $5 million every year.

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