Slawsa Shark Tank Update 2022: What Happened to Slawsa After Shark Tank Pitch?

slawsa shark tank

What Exactly Is Slawsa?

Coleslaw and salsa are combined in Slawsa, a condiment. Slawsa, a healthful food product based on a traditional family recipe, was proposed by Julie Busha of Waynesville, North Carolina. Slawsa is a spicy cabbage relish with a salsa kick. While it incorporates various vegetables, mustard, and vinegar, the mustard and vinegar do not overwhelm the dish, making it versatile.

Who Is the Founder of Slawsa?

slawsa shark tank

Slawsa was founded by Julie Busha of Waynesville, North Carolina. Julie is a motivated entrepreneur who has managed to get it on the shelves of over 4,000 supermarkets throughout the country, including Roche Brothers, which is immediate across the street from me. In the weeks preceding up to the airing of her episode, she is in talks with Wal-Mart and has orders from a number of other markets and big box stores.

Slawsa comes in jars for home use and gallon containers for foodservice. Julie became acquainted with Slawsa after the inventor sought her for marketing assistance. Julie has 12 years of marketing expertise with NASCAR and was able to get the product on the shelves of over 3,000 stores in less than a year! She bought the company outright in 2013, and Slawsa is now her baby.

What Happened to Slawsa at The Shark Tank Pitch?

Julie Busha, an old “hot dog pal” of mine, appeared on Shark Tank with Slawsa in episode 510. She wants a Shark’s help to expand her business. Julie Busha went on Shark Tank with the hopes of receiving a $150,000 investment in exchange for a 15% ownership in her $1 million firms.

Julia told the Sharks that she had developed four separate flavors for the continent. She handed a Garlic & Garlic Spicy sample to Robert. She also noted that they have an Original flavor and a standard Spicy flavor.

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Julia recommended that the Sharks try the Slawsa before slathering it on the hot dogs that were already on the plate. Lori enquired about the condiment’s ingredients, and Julia explained that it was made up of both cabbage and salsa. Robert was interested in learning more about her sales data.

Julia told him she had been in business for a year and a half and had purchased 4200 outlets. Lori seemed content. Julia reported that she made $120,000 in her first year. She predicted $500,000 in revenue for the rest of the year. Julia confirmed that she had a co-packer for the product when Kevin asked. He was curious as to how much it cost her to make and how much it sold for.

Julia told him that each taste was $1.25 and that she would charge $2.25 for it. Julia confirmed that she was paying a royalty to the new partner she had hired. She paid between.66 and 2%, and she made it obvious that the payment would not be made indefinitely. Mark commented that he seldom sees such things on Shark Tank. He indicated his desire to do much more. He said he’d be a client, but that wasn’t enough to persuade him to invest. Julia started her wish to see sporting events, but he left.

Robert claimed that Julia had established a successful atmosphere, but he did not like Slawsa. He complained that it was overly sweet. Julia may have liked the spicier flavor, but he left. Daymond remarked that he loathed the flavor of the product, but that sales had proven him wrong. He did express his dissatisfaction with the items. It was tough for him to get behind it. He walked away.

Lori congratulated her on a job well done in securing Kroger access. She stated that she had no desire to become a part of the Slawsa Company. Lori assured her that she had a fantastic product, but that she had also left. Kevin wished her well before leaving. Julie finally dropped out of the pitch without a deal.

What Happened to Slawsa After Shark Tank?

Julie’s marketing talents allowed her to continue building the business despite her inability to land a Shark contract. Her retail footprint has grown to over 7,000 places, including Lowes! According to reports, she appeared in a segment with Dave Ramsey, who appears to be a friend of Mark Cuban, and he commented on her comments about fiscal responsibility.

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Her presence had an obvious impact on the Sharks. The bulk of food enterprises is started by foodies who want to share their creations with the rest of the world. Julie is a marketer who bought a food company, and her accomplishments speak for themselves. With her commercial acumen and devotion to the financial side of the company, Slawsa has given her more than a taste of success.

Julie has worked diligently to build the business and get her products onto store shelves throughout the years. As of February 2022, the company is still operating and earning $5 million each year.

Slawsa’s Net Worth:

During and after the pitch, the firm was valued at $1 million. Since then, the corporation has continued to operate, and its net value may have surpassed that of the pitch.

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