Siri Hacks: Try It out On Your Apple Mac or iPhone!


When compared to other smart assistants, Siri prioritizes better and more meaningful dialogue because it was the first to reach the mainstream.

While Google Assistant is dedicated to providing precise results, Siri stands out with its natural, approachable, and human voice.

Many of Siri’s features and capabilities, including its hidden tricks and tips, are subject to rumors and urban legends.

Siri is packed to the gills with tips and tricks you can employ. Apple’s virtual assistant will help you out whether you need someone to roll the dice, toss a coin, or interpret a word. You just need to know what questions to ask.

It’s well knowing that you can ask Siri to do things like perform an internet search, read your email aloud, and have hilarious dialogues with you (think BuzzFeed).

Tell Me a Story, Siri

If you’re craving a good narrative but don’t have time to watch Netflix or read an ebook, Siri can provide you with a condensed version of a folktale. Hansel and Gretel and the African fable of Anansi were the tales Siri told us when we requested her to tell us a story. If you bother Siri long enough, she may reveal a few more.

The iPhone alarms should be turned off.


If you tell Siri to turn off all of your alarms at once, you won’t have to disable them manually. In this way, you can have your virtual assistant silence multiple alarms simultaneously. Hundreds of alerts are set by many people. Just tell Siri to erase everything and she will!

Results in Sports

Instead of opening ESPN or a team-specific app, just ask Siri. What time do the Yankees play? How far along is the Cavaliers’ game? How about that Cubs game? and the tiny scrolling ticker will no longer be a problem for you.

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Change Power Settings On/Off

In order to disable Bluetooth, please. Put your Wi-Fi on. “Adjust the brightness/contrast of the screen.” Siri may be used to turn off or on any feature accessible via the Control Center. Keep in mind that she is completely useless with Airplane Mode activated… But if you try to ignore that, she will remind you.

Song Recognizer using Siri

Siri voice assistant

Okay, so you’ve heard a piece of great music and now you want to know the title. You can skip downloading a separate program for this purpose. Siri immediately connects to Shazam and uses its database to identify music. Simply launch Siri and ask, “What song is this?” to accomplish this. Soon after Siri begins playing the song, you’ll receive a Shazam result.

Employ Siri as Your Own Private Assistant.

Your AI assistant also has the handy ability to schedule events in your calendar at the sound of your voice. Now you can save time by having Siri set up your work and medical appointments instead of typing them in yourself.


I’m guessing you already know that Siri can utilize iMessage to send messages, but if you ever forget to use punctuation when communicating with Siri, you’re in luck since Siri can also add it for you. When dictating a message or note to Siri, you can insert punctuation by saying the name of the mark you wish to use, and Siri will substitute that mark for the name you spoke.

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Talk to People on the Speakerphone

However, if you’re driving or just want to use the speakerphone, you’ll need to touch the Speaker button instead of asking Siri to dial a number. Simply tell Siri to “Call contact> on Speaker,” and she’ll put the call through on speaker. The same effect can be achieved by saying something like “Call contact> and put it on speaker.”

Quantity of Battery

iphone battery

Worried about how quickly your iPhone’s battery will drain? Say “Hey Siri, what’s the battery percentage?” if you can’t use your hands to check the percentage because you’re cooking, working out, or driving.

Release Siri

Saying “Bye” to Siri will cause it to go down immediately, which is convenient if you’re not near a home button and don’t want to stare at the app’s icon on the screen after you’ve finished using it.

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