Sekirei Season 3 Release Date, Plot, Characters Revealed

Sekirei Season 3
Sekirei Season 3

Here is what we know regarding the chances of the Sekirei Season 3 release date. In the first installment of Season 2, titled Sekirei: Radiant, aired on July 4th, 2010, the show really kicked it with an episode that left us all speechless. The opening credits sequence featured an orchestral version of Handel’s ” Water Music” which was done in reverse. The subsequent episodes were very fast-paced and featured a number of high emotions, with the whole story focusing on love and betrayal for the main characters.

Sekirei Season 3 Release Date

Sekirei Season 3 Release Date
Sekirei Season 3 Release Date

The second season of the show promises to be even more emotional than the first. For those who are unfamiliar with the story, the main characters are two Japanese men, Hana and Asumi, who are studying in the United States. Hana becomes pregnant and they have to leave their homeland due to their parents’ death. However, they later reunite with their American friends, Mimi (Yasuna Naruto) and Katsu (Nobuyuki Takahashi), and they start working in a photo lab.

Sekirei Season 3 Cast Characters

Now, according to the official site for the manga series, there will be two main characters for the third season, Hana and Asumi. The site also reveals a few interesting details regarding the progress of the story. It looks like Hana and Asumi have developed feelings for each other during their second season, which is why the couple decided to elope and start dating. Furthermore, Mimi and Katsu’s parents were killed in the second season, leaving Mimi as a parentless child, and Asumi’s step-sister Nao (Ako Takahashi) became the main suspect.

The Sekirei season 3 release date is scheduled to end with a chapter by the end of the year-end. There is no specific time frame as of yet, but it is safe to say that the manga will end around the same time as the second season. The ending of the second season was quite shocking, to say the least, so expect something even more shocking for the conclusion of the third season. A lot of fans are anticipating a touchy conclusion to the romance between Asumi and Hana. Some are hoping that the relationship between Asumi and Mimi will be explored more, while others are hoping that Asumi and Katsu will finally be reconciled.

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The animation quality of the anime has improved since its second season debut. The original drawings of the character pose for the characters in the anime were not that great, but the new versions were able to capture the essence of the fantasy genre better. This, along with the added echo sequences and some of the dialogue, has made the manga more appealing to a lot of female viewers than the first season.

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Sekirei Season 3 Plot

The first scene starts with a man named Minato. One day, he meets a girl called Musubi. She tells him that he is her Ashikabi, meaning that he will give her life energy because she cannot do it on her own.

Hiroto Minaka is the son of MBI’s chief. He is also one of his father’s enemies. The end of the movie shows that he was Hiroto Minato, and he escaped with Kuno and Shiana from the city where they were being pursued.

It says that Kuno and Sheena get captured after the first two years. The MBI Tower was destroyed and chiho was restored to a normal state.

This sentence is not written in English.

Matsu will use his experience as a researcher and success in tracing the Mi Building’s thoughts to create Sekirei Season 3.

Any Spoilers For Sekirei Season 3?

Fans of the anime will remember that Minaka and Takami found a ship at ground zero for Sekirei. They found other Sekirei in it.

This says that new sekrei live in a world torn apart by violence. They don’t know if their nationality will survive.

Based on a fan theory, in the third season, Matsu will go through all of the collected data from MBI Tower to find out what Higa was researching. When she does this it is predicted that she will discover the true purpose behind the battle to the death between Sekirei.

Sekirei Season 2 Ending Direct Towards Season 3!

Anime director Ikuhara has announced that the series will return for a third season.

Sekirei is not canceled yet.

Matsu said that it would take one attack to take out Karsuba. That made me think the tide had turned. I wasn’t surprised when the leader of the disciplinary force walked in right after, because I knew he would do so at some point.

You want to show your house at an open house. People will come and chat with you. You can answer their questions. But do this on days when people don’t work, so they can come.

Seo made Matsu give him fake data. He had 20 of them.

In the third phase of the plan, things are going as planned.

Someone was planning this mission with stealth in mind. But the plan backfired because it also destroyed Tito Tower.


A lot of fans are also looking forward to the Sekirei Season 3 release date of the anime series. The magazine is also planning to release an additional arc. The first arc focused on the beginning of the second season, dealing with the conflict between Asumi and Hana. The second arc will focus on the mystery behind the past. The third and final arc will be about Asumi’s resolve to find Mimi, as well as what happens after she finds her.



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