Screen Patch Shark Tank Updates 2022: What Happened to Screen Patch After $800k Lori Greiner Shark Tank Deal?

screen patch shark tank

What Is ScreenMend?

A DIY screen repair kit called ScreenMend can be used to fix a variety of displays. Using ScreenMend to repair screens is simple. It can fix small tears in tent netting, window and door screens, swimming pool screens, and other materials. The ScreenMend patches are adhered to surfaces using wax and hairdryer heat.

In a matter of seconds, the old screen can be returned to its former state. Weather-resistant patches from ScreenMend are available. Prior to use, it is preferable to cut the sheet larger than the hole you plan to patch. Apply heat with a blow dryer for 30 seconds after the patch is placed on the screen and is aligned.

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The wax melts when heated by the blow dryer, enabling the patch to adhere to the screen. The wax quickly sets up, allowing you to use your screen right immediately. You can reposition your patch if necessary. You should reheat your patch and make any necessary modifications.

Company Name ScreenMend
Entrepreneur Brian Hooks, Lilly Hooks, and Emma Hooks
Product / Business Simple, inexpensive patch for repairing window screens
Investment Asking For $30,000 for 25% equity in ScreenMend
Final Deal $30,000 for 50% equity in ScreenMend
Shark Lori Greiner
Episode  Season 5 Episode 4
Business Status In Business

Who Is ScreenMend’s Founder?

screen patch shark tank

Brad Hooks, the creator of ScreenMend, was motivated to create the solution after repairing his screen. When his daughter Lily remarked that the adhesive patches weren’t sticking to the screen, he substituted candle wax for the patches.

The big idea had its beginning here. Two of ScreenMend’s co-founders, Lily Hooks and her sister Emma Hooks, are still involved with the business today. The University of Alabama awarded Lily a bachelor’s degree in communication and sales.

ScreenMend was not as revolutionary as it first seemed. The entire first class day was spent experimenting with different ways to transform wax into a stick.

Lilly acknowledges that she didn’t have the notion to start a firm until nearly a year after they discovered the patch was still intact.

Shark Tank Before ScreenMend:

screen patch shark tank

ScreenMend was developed by its authors as a solution to the widespread issue of screen patching. Although Lily and Emma were only twelve and fifteen years old when they first came on the program, they had already created a successful product that stores were interested in carrying.

Since their father kept misplacing the patch he was using to mend the screen, Lily, their younger sister, suggested using a waxed screen.

After applying the patch for more than a year, they thought they had discovered a solution. They started producing the goods at home. Prior to the presentation, ScreenMend had only sold $4,000 worth of merchandise.

Furthermore, because all revenues were invested back into the company, the company only had a provisional patent, not a utility patent. They filed a Shark Tank video audition, requested help in a few areas, and were selected to take part in season five.

How Did ScreenMend’s Shark Tank Pitch Go?

On Shark Tank, the Hooks family asked for a $30,000 investment in exchange for a 25% share in ScreenMend.

Final Agreement: Lori Greiner agreed to contribute $30,000 in exchange for 50% ownership of ScreenMend.

What Occurred with ScreenMend Following Shark Tank?

Following the Tank, Lori kept her promise, and with her help and the Shark Tank effect, Screenmend has developed into a successful company.

The item, which Lori bought on QVC, was out of stock the moment it was advertised. Similar to what she had done for many of her prior clients, Lori repackaged them and made sure that Screenmend was sold in Bed Bath & Beyond.

Since the show began airing more than two years ago, the Hooks family’s revenues have increased significantly, reaching over $3 million. The Sharks’ donation to Screenmend is an excellent illustration of what they provide in addition to financial support.

Many people would find it absurd to give away 50% of a business, especially if the product makes the kind of promise that Screenmend did. However, if Lori can help the family realize objectives that other firms could only imagine, the investment will be more than worthwhile.

One of the many Shark Tank success stories, Screenmend is still growing as they open up additional storefronts. Currently, Screenmend is available for purchase on Amazon, QVC, and straight from the company’s website at Both Bed Bath and Beyond and Staples sell the item.

screen patch shark tank

On websites like Amazon, opinions of Screenmend are divided. Some customers expressed dissatisfaction about the patch’s short lifespan and the device’s susceptibility to external factors like heat. Numerous people claim that their patches lasted for extended periods of time and that the simple approach is much better than alternatives.

But as of late, FiberFix has been credited with helping to modernize this product, according to Lori. It shouldn’t come as a shock that the product can only work properly if all directions are followed.

One year after making an appearance on Shark Tank, Screenmend had earnings of over $1,000,000. The business now brings in more than $3 million a year.

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After Lori and ScreenMend agreed to a deal, the business sold one unit every minute for the following week. ScreenMend has its own “in-house manufacturing” as well as a substantial retail presence. The complete interview with Screenmend Update may be found on The Shark Tank.

After appearing on Shark Tank, ScreenMend made over $900,000 in revenue, and Lori is relocating them to a new production site.

Additionally, ScreenMend has created a mobile application! Spark Innovations, LLC purchased ScreenMend in 2016 for an unknown sum. Consumer products brand development and marketing are done by Spark Innovations, LLC. By June 2022, ScreenMend anticipates $5 million in yearly sales.

Does ScreenMend Still in Business?

With $5 million in annual income as of June 2022, ScreenMend is still operating.

How Much Is ScreenMend Worth?

When ScreenMend made its Shark Tank debut, it was valued at $120,000.

As of June 2022, ScreenMend’s net worth was over $5 million thanks to growing revenue and an acquisition by Spark Innovations.

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