Sativa vs. Indica: Overview of Common Side Effects Among Common Cannabis Strains and Types.


THC and CBD are just two of the numerous chemicals present in the cannabis plant. The psychoactive component of cannabis is called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), while the non-psychoactive CBD has numerous potential medical uses.

It is generally accepted that sativas are more energetic and ideal for use during physical activity, social situations, and creative endeavors, while indicas are better suited to relaxing with a movie or as a nightcap before bed.

Botany, not effects, is the original meaning of these two words, which both describe aspects of a plant’s physical make-up. In addition, everyone’s biochemistry is unique, thus the effects of a strain won’t be the same for any two people.

The idea that indicas, sativas, and hybrids each provide unique effects is still widely held in the cannabis community at large. Even though you may have heard a budtender start a strain recommendation by asking which of these three varieties you favor, there is no evidence to back this up.

Does It Make a Difference If You Choose Indica or Sativa?


Some people report increased creativity while using sativas, which can be useful for getting things done during the day. However, indicas are known for their “body high,” which many users believe aids in sleep, alleviates discomfort and induces calm. It’s commonly known as “couch-lock,” which is a really terrible name for a phenomenon. The third type of cannabis is hybrids, which are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to produce the effects of both sativas and indicas.

Getting deep into Sativa

  1. Cannabis sativa originated in regions that experience hot, dry winters and summers and a lot of sunshine. You may add the continents of Africa, Central America, Southeast Asia, and even a chunk of Western Asia to that list.
  2. The leaves of a sativa plant are long and narrow, like fingers. They can reach heights of more than 12 feet, and unlike some other varieties of cannabis, their full maturity takes several months longer.
  3. Sativa often has more THC and less CBD than other strains.
  4. Sativa is typically connected with a “mind high,” or an energetic, stress-reducing effect. Sativa-dominant strains are more likely to elicit energetic, motivated responses than the sedative effects of indica.
  5. You can use sativa during the day due to its energizing effects, or at night if you like to relax.
  6. The sativa strains Acapulco Gold, Panama Red, and Durban Poison are all quite popular.

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Sativa strains have a reputation for being stimulating and upbeat. Depression, exhaustion, and stress are just some of the conditions they can aid with. It has also been suggested that sativa varieties boost concentration and originality.

Extreme Indica


  1. The ancestors of the cannabis indica plant can be traced back to Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, and Turkey. The flora in the Hindu Kush have adapted to the severe, dry, and sometimes violent weather that is common there.
  2. Indica plants are short and stocky with broad, chunky leaves and dense, evergreen foliage. They mature more rapidly than sativa plants and yield more buds per plant.
  3. The CBD to THC ratio is typically higher in indica strains, while the THC concentration isn’t always lower.
  4. Indica is highly sought after for its potently calming effects, which is why it is so widely used. In addition to increasing hunger and decreasing pain, it may also aid with nausea.
  5. Consuming indica at night is ideal due to the time of day when you’re most likely to be able to benefit from the drug’s sedative properties.
  6. The indicas Hindu Kush, Afghan Kush, and Granddaddy Purple are all very well-liked.

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Effects of Indica strains are commonly recognized as being calming and soothing. They may prove useful in alleviating aches and soothing worries, as well as putting an end to sleeplessness. Among the many purported benefits of Indica strains are increased appetite and reduced muscle spasms.


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