16 Rv Hacks to Prepare Your Camper for An Adventure!


Camping in a recreational vehicle is something that the whole gang enjoys doing. Our main gripe is with the myriad of pesky details that plague otherwise enjoyable activities.

RV hacks are quick and cheap fixes that make use of items or concepts designed for other applications within a recreational vehicle.

RV hacks also include ingenious storage solutions that make your mobile dwelling feel more like a home and less like a pigsty.

Whatever your situation, whether you’re moving or just spending the summer at your favorite RV park, you may take steps to improve your comfort, cleanliness, and overall well-being.

Camping in an RV is a fun activity for the whole family. With this freedom, you can take a road trip with your loved ones and take in all the sights. Following are some RV hacks that will make your camping experience more pleasurable.

1. When It’s Raining, Hang Your Garments Over the Shower’s Edge to Dry Using a Rod.

While it would be ideal to hang laundry and bath towels outside to dry, this is not always feasible. You don’t want the trouble of damp floors and furniture inside your rig if you get wet in the rain or snow. The water from your wet clothes can simply be let drip down the drain of your shower.

2. Get a New Sink Fixture for The Kitchen.


The RV kitchen sink was something we both found to be quite annoying. The squeaking of the handles and general cheapness of the thing got me a little bit irritated. The newer model has sleeker, less noisy handles, improved water flow, and a more modern appearance. You need to find out which watering-hole fittings are compatible with your apparatus.

3. Make Use of Tension Rods to Maintain Object Stability.

This ingenious solution prevents dishes and glasses from breaking during transport. Obviously, that’s a major consideration. When it’s time to move to a new campground, secure our mug cabinet with a tension rod.
In addition, you can prevent your cabinets from opening unexpectedly by securing them with bungee cords. While traveling in a recreational vehicle, bungee cords are a handy accessory to have. They’ve been useful in a number of situations.

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4. Pads for Protecting Glass Stemware

To protect our spectacles when not in use, we slip some cheap socks over them. When we put on our socks, our spectacles don’t jangle against one another. On the other hand, if one were to break, the shards would stay contained within the sock.

5. Modifications to the Home’s Interior

interior design

We’ve stayed in RVs with magnificent living rooms that rivaled any hotel. A space that serves as a de facto living room, with the kitchen and eating areas open to one another. However, the “living room” consisted of a couch and TV stand.

6. Get a Folding Ottoman.

In preparation for our trip, we bought a foldable ottoman. Both extra storage and a place to rest our weary feet were necessities. Additionally, it has the potential to serve as extra seating if required.

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7. Deploy the Back Shock Absorbers Using a Battery-Powered Drill

Travel trailers and fifth-wheel owners without motorized stabilizer jacks know the hassle of manually raising and lowering the jacks. Using a cordless drill that can be charged on the go is a quick and simple fix. Put in a socket extension that corresponds to the size of your stabilizer jacks. Just connect the plugs to the jacks and turn on the drill.

8. Use a Baking Stone to Avoid Burned Food.

baking food

Put the stone in the middle of the oven without blocking any of the air vents. The stone will soak up the oven’s heat and radiate it all around. The end of over-baked treats

9. Hammock Made From PVC Pipes

PVC tubing with a diameter of 2 inches was used for the main span, and 1.5 inches was used for the diagonal supports. The PVC was slipped into sleeve openings sewed into the cloth, and the two pieces were joined. The rope was then threaded through the long parts and the hole in the 1.5-inch pieces was utilized to keep the rope from reentering the door’s closing. You may stow it away in the opening at the top that pops down when not in use.

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10. Hook-Style Drapes with Command Rods

When you need some privacy in your RV but don’t want to permanently alter the decor by putting holes in the wall, or when you just want to install curtains without much effort. Hang your curtain rod with the help of command hooks.

11. Clean Your Own Tank Kit

tank kit cleaning

Cleaning the toilet in an RV is very unpleasant. A simple solution is to mix a cup of Borax detergent with half a cup of Calgon Water Softener. Both the Borax and the water softener work to keep trash from adhering to the sides of the trash can, which helps keep the stink under control. Keep the holding tank of your RV clean and well-cared-for.

12. How to Use a Dry Erase Board

Dry erase boards are helpful for a wide variety of tasks, and they can even contribute to safety efforts. Keep one in your RV with the campground’s name, address, campsite number, and phone number, as well as any other pertinent information about the site that you might need in the event of an accident or emergency.

13. Clear the Elbow in the Sewer Pipe

Putting a transparent elbow at the end of your sewer pipe will help you avoid several issues. Having a clear view into the inside of the hose lets you check for stray pieces of toilet paper, prevent a clog before it happens, and verify that the tank is empty.

14. Use File Folder Boxes to Keep Your Kitchen Stocked.

file box.jfi

Have more kitchen tools and gadgets than storage room to hold them? To keep your kitchen organized and easy to find, try using hanging file folder boxes. You can prevent accidents by lining drawers and shelves with non-slip liners. Use this to secure your belongings in transit.

15. Store Goods Under the Bench Top Seats of Dinette Tables in Square Containers for Easy Access.

We Prefer to Keep Products We Use Frequently in Easy-To-Access Locations. Less-Used Items Are Stashed Away in The More Inconveniently Located Regions. that Equipment Is Stored in Totes with Handles for Convenience when Retrieval Is Required.

16. Invest in A Toothbrush Holder with A Suction Cup.

It Can Be Tough to Travel During the Day. Keep Your Toothbrush in A Safe Spot to Make Those Routine Bathroom Maintenance Tasks Less of A Hassle. the Suction Cup on Your Toothbrush Holder Will Keep It from Rolling About in Germy Pockets While You Travel.

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