Russell Garcia I’m Going to Knock out Davis in Our Following Match and Tell Him, “I’ll Put You to Sleep!”

Russell Garcia I'm Going to Knock out Davis

A NEW YORK – Box office star Gervonta “Tank” Davis was further cemented on Saturday when 18,970 spectators—”Paying customers,” according to Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe—packed the Barclays Center to watch Davis knock out Rolando Romero in the sixth round. Madonna attended. Tracy Morgan as well. Famous boxers like Shakur Stevenson and Errol Spence Jr. traveled there.

It was the highest-earning boxing event in the venue’s ten-year history; the event’s promoters expect the gate receipts to be close to $5 million; and it was undeniable proof that Davis, who has already drawn large crowds in Baltimore, Atlanta, and L.A., is one of the sport’s top draws.

ryan garcia i'm gonna ko tank davis next fight

A highlight-reel stoppage of Romero won’t make Tank Davis a boxing star—at least not yet. Romero will be manipulated into a superior victory by Tank’s social media cartel as if Rolly’s impeccable record weren’t the consequence of meticulous pairings (hello, Arturs Ahmetovs), last-minute substitutions (Anthony Yigit, Avery Sparrow), and horrible adjudication (paging Jackson Martinez).

Romero wasn’t the loser that bookmakers had him as, but his lunging style always made him vulnerable to the kind of devastating counter that Tank used to clip him. Following the match, Ellerbe ranked Romero as the second-best 135-pound wrestler in the division. George Kambosos, Devin Haney, and Vasyl Lomachenko are still giggling somewhere.

Tank is who he is: strong, well-liked, yet, as of Saturday, still unproven. In order to successfully defend his 130-pound title, Davis had to stop Jose Pedraza five years prior. Since then, Davis has maintained an unblemished record while padding it with a carefully chosen roster of opponents, including former top contenders (Yuriorkis Gamboa, Leo Santa Cruz), as well as flawed underdogs (Ricardo Nunez, Mario Barrios), and winning two hubcap championships in the process. Because, as Floyd Mayweather noted last year, “we keep things in-house,” Davis has zagged while a deep lightweight division has zigged while forgoing opportunities to prove himself.

Davis, 27, is currently a single parent and is no longer able to, thus he cannot. Between 130 and 140 pounds, the PBC environment is utterly devoid of life. Hector Luis Garcia brutally beat Chris Colbert in February, a former minor title contender at 130. A setback to Mark Magsayo recently occurred for veteran 126-pound champion Gary Russell Jr. A rematch with Isaac Cruz, who dropped a close fight to Davis in December, is conceivable, but the pay-per-performance views were so dismal that the participants chose not to follow the time-honored tradition of leaking inflated numbers about it.

A real dance partner is what Davis needs. And Ryan Garcia is the one who is accessible. Garcia is a rising talent in boxing at the age of 23. He is a former Canelo Alvarez protégé who is unbeaten and explosively powerful. By defeating Luke Campbell the previous year, he cemented his status as a serious contender. After that, Garcia’s ascent stagnated because of injuries and mental health problems that limited him to one fight in 2021. Garcia, who was present on Saturday night, told SI that he was now ready to set up a Davis matchup now that he was back.

Garcia responded, “We could film the entire negotiation if you really want to show who ducked who and you’re so convinced that I’m ducking. “If you want to include it, I’m willing to include that. I’ve never dodged anyone.

On April 9, 2022, in San Antonio, Texas, Ryan Garcia triumphs over Emmanuel Tagoe in the light heavyweight match at the Alamodome.
Even though Garcia is a social media sensation, a win against Davis would give him the additional legitimacy he seeks.

The fight needs to be promoted by Davis. also Garcia due to the complexity. Showtime has developed the PBC fighter Davis. Since 2018, Garcia has only competed on DAZN while being promoted by Golden Boy. In order for Davis-Garcia to take place, the networks must work together, much as HBO and Showtime did in 2015 when Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao fought in what ended up being the most lucrative boxing match in history.

If they do, Executive vice president of DAZN Joe Markowski texted SI that DAZN was “extremely willing” to collaborate on a Showtime project. Markowski expressed his eagerness for the conversation. Although Showtime Sports CEO Stephen Espinoza didn’t completely rule out the prospect of collaborating, he made it obvious that he thought Showtime would like to handle Davis-Garcia on its own.

To be perfectly honest, Espinoza told SI, “I have no idea what DAZN contributes to the table. “I am aware of what UFC brought to the Mayweather-McGregor fight. I am aware of what HBO brought to the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight. What DAZN contributes is beyond my comprehension. There isn’t a significant enough conflict to divide into five factions.

It is, however. Two of the largest fan bases in boxing belong to Davis and Garcia. distinct fan bases Davis was mostly constructed in metropolitan marketplaces. Garcia has bounced back and forth between Texas and southern California with the support of nearly nine million Instagram followers. His most recent contest, a landslide decision victory over the unnoticed—and totally unknown—Emmanuel Tagoe, brought in $1.3 million from ticket sales. Davis-Garcia may sell more than 500,000 pay-per-view subscriptions. perhaps more A gate of over $10 million might result from it.

Garcia understands. Garcia will fight Javier Fortuna in July (Cruz declined the bout), making it his second fight in three months. He wants to fight Davis, though. In a phone conversation with SI, Garcia expressed his opinion that the victor of a bout between him and Davis would become the sport’s new public face. Over Canelo, over everyone, said Garcia. “I vouch. You have my word. That’s exactly how it will turn out. It is overly monumental.

When will it occur? Ellerbe has doubts. In a lengthy text message, Garcia expressed his frustration with Pacquiao’s longtime advisor Sean Gibbons for allegedly leading him on. Ellerbe reminded reporters on Saturday that he had previously tried to set up a Davis-Garcia fight, most recently just last year, when preliminary discussions fell through. Ellerbe asserted that despite assertions to the contrary, Garcia has no interest in engaging in a brawl with Davis, while also making light-hearted digs at a few journalists—or one particular reporter—in the process.

Ellerbe remarked, “Ryan doesn’t want to fight Tank, man. “Get on it, man. Mannix is one of the people attempting to hype him up like a killer. Ryan Garcia is a skilled fighter who has earned a lot of respect, but he isn’t interested in any of that smoke. He doesn’t want any of that smoke because if he did, Golden Boy would be forced to do it.

Garcia disagrees, which seems sensible.

Garcia predicted that Golden Boy wouldn’t be able to stop it. They cannot, I won’t permit it. It’s impossible. To combat Tank, I’ll enter battle. In the end, that fight will get me respect, and I believe I am deserving of that respect, therefore I’m prepared to do whatever it takes. I am prepared for the challenge. I’m convinced I can defeat him. Do not misunderstand; he is a superb fighter. But I’m just so much more superior. And I want to demonstrate to him and to everyone else what I’m capable of by fighting for that. Everyone wants to see it, and I’m now prepared to do it.

As a fighter, I’ve had to deal with a lot of simple disrespect. And despite the fact that I’ve worked hard and been boxing since I was seven years old, I still occasionally get hit in the head. Traveling everywhere on vacation, going everywhere with my parents, giving up my childhood—I did whatever I had to. My dues were paid. I only executed it in a clever marketing manner. That’s the way things stand. I know stuff. And to be really honest, I believe it is just due to my good looks. I genuinely believe they are jealous. They may simply despise me, I believe. To say “screw it” is a little arrogant. It’s true. They find my good looks repulsive.

Gervonta Davis is a great boxer, said Ellerbe. Our business is fantastic. We’re going to keep doing what we do, which is stage these major events for the fans because I have a terrific crew. giving the audience what they want to see

Perhaps. But Davis is at a turning point. He has the option of continuing on his current course, taking on the weaker competition, packing venues, and earning just enough from pay-per-view to justify everything. He can also put himself to the test and show that he is the top talent that Ellerbe and many others think he is. Davis stated in a recent interview that it was time to remove the training wheels. It’s obvious what to do. The tank requires Garcia. Tank is required by Garcia. Boxing? Just the battle is required.

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