Rule Breaker Shark Tank Updates 2022: What Happened to Rule Breaker After Shark Tank?

rule breaker shark tank

What Is Rule Breaker?

A company called Rule Breaker produces guilt-free and gluten-free treats for sweet-toothed people. The main ingredient in the sweets, which come in a range of flavors like chocolate chunk Blondies, peanut butter chocolate chip Blondies, and deep chocolate brownies, is chickpeas.

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They are also free of shellfish, wheat, dairy, eggs, and other animal products. Everyone, including vegans and children, can eat them. The company was founded by former health writer Nancy Kalish. She earned a Master of Science in Journalism from Columbia University.

She has experience as a consultant for Nancy Kalish Consulting’s Healthy Restaurant Program and as a senior editor at Cosmopolitan Magazine. As CEO, she is still in charge of running Rule Breaker.

Who Is the Founder of Rule Breaker?

The company was started by former health writer Nancy Kalish. She started the business in November 2014 after working as a writer and “Healthy Restaurant Consultant.” She desires a dessert that satisfies her craving for sweetness without sacrificing nutrition. She started with black beans. She persevered even though the brownies did not turn out well.

After numerous attempts and the switch to a chickpea-based brownie, her recipe was improved. Her snacks don’t have any nuts, milk, or eggs in them.

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They are kosher, non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan. They come in four flavors: P’Nutter Chocolate Chip, Dark Chocolate Brownies, Chocolate Chunk Blondies, and Birthday Cake. They are sold in eight-packs for $28 on Amazon, as well as at Walmart and Whole Foods.

The hors d’oeuvres were just recently added to the menu. Following a lucrative Kickstarter effort that raised $28,402 in funding, they were released in April 2019. Nancy wants to increase the market for her snacks, which is challenging considering that she is a one-woman show.

What Happened to Rule Breaker at Shark Tank Pitch?

In Shark Tank episode 1208, Nancy Kalish tries to get the sharks to eat her chickpea-based brownies and Blondies. Nancy wants a Shark’s help in order to grow her chickpea cookie business.

When Nancy entered Shark Tank, she was looking for $400,000 in exchange for a 10% ownership in her $4 million company. She starts off by mentioning the elements that are absent from her munchies. She throws everything but seaweed snacks at her sign, including eggs, flour, sugar, and others, and the sharks chuckle.

The Sharks are shocked when she reveals that chickpeas are her main ingredient. Her $1.3 million in revenue is accepted, but her $1.6 million in debt is not. In fear of their debt, the Sharks leave one by one. Ultimately, Nancy left the pitch without closing a transaction.

What Happened to Rule Breaker After Shark Tank?

Nancy won Shark Tank without getting an investment. Her sales increased significantly, and Grupo Bimbo, the biggest bank in the world, became interested in her.

In exchange for a small equity position, their investment arm, Bimbo Ventures, made an undisclosed number of money in Nancy’s company. The company is still operating as of February 2022, bringing in $1 million annually.

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Net Worth of Rule Breaker

Prior to and following the pitch, the company was valued at $4 million. Since then, the business has continued to run, therefore its net worth may have exceeded the value of the pitch.

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