Ronan Keating Divorce: Ronan Keating and Ex-Wife Yvonne Separate After an Affair Was Revealed!!

ronan keating divorce

After twelve years of marriage and three children, Ronan Keating and Yvonne Connolly were eager to begin a new chapter in their lives in 2010. The couple’s offer was accepted in February of that year on the spacious mansion outside of Dublin that they had been dreaming of for £3.5 million.

However, as Yvonne, 46, was getting ready for the major relocation, a sad discovery caused her life to implode. According to sources, according to The Mirror, she had detected a shift in the marriage for some time and had believed something was amiss.

ronan keating divorce

And the terrifying confirmation came when she obtained Ronan’s phone bills and discovered calls to a strange number. Francine Cornell, a lovely Boyzone backing dancer who was then 26 and had been having a seven-month affair with her husband, answered the phone when Yvonne, playing detective, dialed the number.

Francine earlier told The Sun, “She knew something was going on and she got hold of his phone records and contacted my number.” “She learned my name through my voicemail; that is how she discovered me. At first, Ronan tried to deny everything. I was a dancer from the tour, he claimed, and we were merely close friends.

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However, Yvonne wasn’t having it and contacted Francine herself a few days later. Francine said that the relationship between Ronan and her was more than just platonic; she was in love with him and he claimed to be in love with her.

According to Ronan, he does not want to apologize to Yvonne for their relationship.
But only a few days later, he ended things with Francine in order to start dating Yvonne once more, and in an emotional phone call, he informed her that they would never be able to communicate again.

ronan keating divorce

Francine was therefore taken aback when Yvonne invited her to her hotel in London a month later. “I simply needed responses. On Brendan O’Connor’s Cutting Edge, Yvonne said, “I just needed the truth and I needed to make sure tales worked together.

“Determining who to trust was incredibly difficult. So, this was the solution. I was going to meet this girl, have a short 20-minute talk with her, and then we’d be done. To be fair to her, she did come and meet me. However, the 20-minute chat extended to two bottles of wine.

Yvonne Connolly, a model and ex-wife of Ronan Keating, and him at the British premiere
For the British premiere, Ronan Keating was photographed with model and ex-wife Yvonne Connolly.

After a few hours, I understood that she needed it just as much as I did. I know this sounds dramatic, but she was just as much of a victim as I was. We both, I believe, learned something from it. “When I think back, this is basically what it came down to two females in love with the same boy who realized over the course of a five-hour talk that that boy was not who we thought he was.”

Though Yvonne mistook the police for strippers, they arrived at the hotel after getting a call from Francine’s panicked mother, which made matters even stranger. I asked them if they were strippers, and they responded, “No, we’re the Metropolitan Police, and we’ve come to look into the whereabouts of this girl.”

Keating, Yvonne

She continued, “I just think it’s the funniest tale because it’s like that happened to someone else today.” The Keatings did as they had intended and worked arduously to mend their shattered marriage for the following year.

ronan keating divorce

And Ronan decided to apologize to his wife, whom he married in 1998 at the age of just 21, in the sleeve notes of his solo album Duet from 2010 He gushed, “You are the most amazing, inspirational woman I have ever met. “I apologize for the errors I have made in my life. I suppose you have to travel there to return. You were the light that guided me back from that dark place. I cherish you.

Sadly, the couple’s marriage could not be restored, and they officially announced their split in April 2012. The following September, Ronan made his new girlfriend, TV producer Storm Uechtritz, whom he met on The X Factor Australia, public. Yvonne had moved on with cinematographer John Conroy.

They have married in a beautiful Scottish wedding five years ago today, and since then, their daughter Coco, now a baby, and son Cooper, age three, have joined them.

When questioned about the relationship in 2016, the Irish singer attempted to apologize, according to a quote from him provided to the Daily Telegraph: “Nobody should have an affair. That’s the ideal scenario, isn’t it, if you’re a man enough to have the guts to go home and say, “Sorry, this isn’t working anymore?”

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But we are frail. We avoid doing that. Yes, I caused harm to some people, and I apologize for that, but the good news is that Storm was discovered, for which I am incredibly glad. However, I apologize. He responded on Facebook, stating he wasn’t sorry and that he has no regrets about the divorce because “it’s what I wanted,” as soon as the interview was published. He screamed, “There’s a lot more to it than an affair, and obviously it was broken long before then.

For the benefit of my children and my ex-wife, I have remained silent over the years and accepted full responsibility. But enough already. Six years is when I draw the line. There is a lot more to my circumstance than people would ever realize, and that is how it should be, he continued. However, a relationship always involves two individuals, and there are always multiple valid reasons why it isn’t working.

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