Why Is Rod Dreher Getting A Divorce From His Wife Julie Harris Dreher? – Check Here for More Updates!!

rod dreher divorce

Rod Dreher is an American writer and editor. He was born Raymond Oliver Dreher Jr. on February 14, 1967. He’s a senior editor at The American Conservative and the author of many books, including How Dante Can Save Your Life, The Benedict Option, and Live Not by Lies. He’s written for National Review, National Review Online, The Weekly Standard, The Wall Street Journal, Touchstone, Men’s Health, the Los Angeles Times, and other magazines about religion, politics, movies, and culture.

Education and The Early Years:

In Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Dreher was born on February 14, 1967. His father, Ray Oliver Dreher, inspired his name. He grew up in the little hamlet of St. Francisville and attended Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts in Natchitoches, where he was a member of the inaugural graduating class. In 1989, he received his Bachelor of Arts in journalism from Louisiana State University.

Life in General:

rod dreher divorce

Since 1997, Dreher has been married to Julie Harris Dreher. In April 2022, Dreher stated on his blog that the pair had started the divorce procedure. They were the parents of three children. Dreher was born in the Louisiana parish of East Baton Rouge. He converted to Roman Catholicism in 1993 after growing up as a Methodist and writing extensively in the Catholic press.

Beginning in 2001, he began questioning his Catholicism and declared his conversion to Eastern Orthodoxy on October 12, 2006. Dreher had maintained at the time that the issue was not so much a “pedophile problem” as it was a “hidden, powerful network of gay priests” known as the “Lavender Mafia” that allowed “sexual abuse of youngsters.”

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Rod Dreher, a well-known American author, has announced that he and his partner have started divorce proceedings. Years of conflict and difficulties between the pair are said to have left their marriage incomplete.

Let’s Look at The Personal Life of Rod Dreher:

rod dreher divorce

Dreher is a great writer who has a clear vision and in-depth knowledge of the subjects he discusses. He is currently a senior editor and blogger for The American Conservative, and he has written a few books.

He has experience with a wide range of issues, including politics and movement photography. People are unaware that he worked as a film reviewer for the South Florida Sun-Sentinel and as the New York Post’s main film critic.

Rod Dreher and his wife Julie Harris Dreher are divorcing for a variety of reasons. Rod just revealed that he and his girlfriend are divorcing after years of fighting. Tears At Golgotha, an essay published in The American Conservation, was his vehicle for disseminating this information to the general public.

He stated that the pair had been in a long-term dispute. He has stated that he will not point fingers since he does not need to put his spouse in a difficult situation because he has a platform to talk while his partner does not.

In his piece, he highlighted that the couple’s decision to dissolve their marriage came as no surprise to those close to them because they were aware of the couple’s problems. He has admitted that the pair does not have a marital problem.

In his post, he also addressed children, stating that they’re seeking to make the divorce as painless as possible for their children, who are most certainly the most vulnerable group in any divorce.

Rod Dreher’s Children:

Rod married Julie in 1997, according to news reports. Nora Dreher, Matthew Dreher, and Lucas Dreher, the couple’s three children, were born to them. His fans were blissfully unaware of the difficulties he was through.

In an essay published on April 20, Rod announced that he and his partner had started the divorce process. He has disabled recommendations in this text because he does not want negative feedback from his detractors.

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His divorce from the ultimate setup has yet to be resolved. When he received his partner’s divorce papers, he was working on his new novel and prepared to go to Jerusalem. People should keep an eye out for an update from the creator on what’s going on with his divorce, as there may not be much information available from various media outlets right now.




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