Tips for Recalling Deleted Emails in Outlook and Beyond!


Most of us know the crushing feeling of realizing too late that we accidentally emailed the wrong person.

The ability to unsend or delete a message completely is a standard feature in most messaging programs for smartphones, but less so in email clients.

Communication recall allows you to recover an unseen message from the inboxes of recipients. In addition, you can enter a new message in its place.

If you send an email to the wrong person by accident, you can use Outlook’s recall feature to take it back and resend it. Here’s a comprehensive guide about recalling emails in Outlook if you’re interested.

Criteria for Remembering an Email

Both you and the receiver must be using Outlook and connecting to an exchange server. No one can have read the email.

Attempting a recall without the recipient’s mailbox being accessible will fail. Before the recall, the email will not interact with any Span filters, rules, or extensions.

Outlook Email Retrieval Shortcuts that Get Right To The Point


How to Quickly and Easily Retrieve an Old Email in Outlook Is Outlined Below.

  1. Browse Your Inbox and Click Sent Items.
  2. Simply Double-Click the Message to Bring It Back for Later Reference.
  3. In the New Message Window, Go to File > Info.
  4. Select Recall This Message by Clicking the Button Labelled Resend or Recall.
  5. When the Drop-Down Menu Appears, Choose Whether to Replace or Delete the Email.
  6. If You’d Like to Change Your Message, Enter the New One Here or Hit the Erase Button.
  7. When a Recipient Has Already Opened a Message, You Will Not Be Able to Retrieve It.
  8. Outlook’s Recall Feature only Works for Unseen Messages if Both Users Are Connected to the Same Microsoft Exchange Server and The Message Hasn’t Been Viewed Yet.

However, if The Receiver Does Not Wish to Use the Feature, They May Easily Turn It Off. They Can Disable This Feature in The Tracking Section of Options > Email by Deselecting the Option to “automatically Handle Meeting Requests and Responses to Meeting Requests and Polls.”

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Putting Outlook Emails on Hold

To Give Yourself Some Wiggle Room in Case You Change Your Mind, You Can Delay Each Email You Send. Just Do What I Say Down Here:

  1. To Access the File Menu in The Upper Left Corner of Microsoft Outlook, Select the General Tab.
  2. Select Alerts & Rules Manager.
  3. When the Window Appears, Choose New Rule.
  4. Select Next After Selecting Apply Rule to Communications I Send.
  5. Repeatedly Clicking Next Will Cause the Delay Rule to Be Applied to All Future Sending Emails.
  6. To Confirm Your Choice, Please Click the Yes Button.
  7. If You’d Like to Delay the Delivery by A Specific Number of Minutes, Click the Corresponding Box.
  8. Just Below This Paragraph Is a Link in The Body of The Text.
  9. Set the Delay Time After Sending an Email to A Specific Number of Minutes.
  10. In the following Window, You’ll Be Able to Make Adjustments to The Delay, Such as If There’s a Specific Contact Who Requires an Instantaneous Reply.
  11. To Proceed, Please Click Here.
  12. The Final Step Is to Click Finish. You Can Now Specify a Delay in The Sending of Future Emails from Your Inbox.

Optional Substitutes for Replying to An Old Email


Outlook’s Recall System Is Far from Ideal and Leaves Much to Be Desired. if You Forget Your Email Address, Don’t Worry Since You Have Options. We’ll Look at A Few of Them Now.

1. Send an Email of Reconciliation

We All Make Mistakes Now and Then, so It’s a Good Idea to Check Twice Before Sending an Email to Be Sure It Goes to The Proper Person.

Apologizing Sincerely to The Intended Recipient Is the Best Course of Action if You Send Them the Wrong Email by Mistake. a Sincere Apology Can Repair Damaged Relationships and Earn You More Respect and Trust.

Simply Compose a Short Email Explaining What Happened and Requesting that The Recipient Remove the Message if There Was Sensitive Information Linked to It.

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2. Instructions for Delaying an Outlook Email and Recalling It

With a Delay in Place, Your Emails Won’t Be Sent out Immediately. You May Wish to Apply a Delay to Your Sent Emails if You Have a High Volume of Replies to Send, Are Sending Sensitive Information, or Simply Don’t Trust Yourself.

You Can Add Time Lags to Your Outgoing Emails by Following the Steps Outlined Below.


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