What Happened to Raising Wild Swimwear After Shark Tank?-2022 Updates

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What Is Raising Wild Swimwear?

Raising Wild Swimwear is a clothing line that specializes in swimwear and bathing suits for wild swimming. Humans invented swimsuits, according to the business, to make it simpler to enjoy the water. However, because animals are built to only travel in one direction downward, this habit can be harmful. With their Swim-Suits-for-Wildlife brand, the firm started by addressing this issue.

Rachelle Hyde and Kara Haught, two Florida sisters, launched Raising Wild, a swimsuit line. The brand specializes in all-around swimsuits that are designed for fit, fashion, and functionality.

The sisters are dedicated to pulling people out of their beach chairs and dropping their towels to raise their special sort of craziness by delivering swimsuits to both adults and children. The suits are designed to provide comfort and elegance, allowing the user to feel confident and sophisticated.

Who Is the Founder of Raising Wild Swimwear?

raising wild shark tank

Raising Wild is a swimsuit company started by sisters Rachelle Hyde and Kara Haught from Florida. The two sisters grew up in Florida, where they spent their days in their swimsuits. They started their company with the purpose of offering attractive swimming suits for women who “embrace the movement.”

They wore their swimming suits even when they weren’t at the beach, fishing, wakeboarding, or otherwise enjoying Florida outdoors in them! A swimming suit is akin to a pair of jeans to a Floridian. They also learned to sew while observing their mother.

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In 2015, they decided to follow in their mother’s footsteps and establish their own line of bathing suits that looked great while still allowing for some range of motion while partaking in outdoor activities. The Raising Wild bathing suits are exquisite and alluring, but they also allow women to cultivate their own wildness.

What happened at the Shark Tank pitch for Raising Wild Swimwear?

To secure funds for research and production, Kara and Shelly decided to propose their concept to Shark Tank investors.

Kara and Shelly want $100,000 for a 20% interest in their company, which is worth $500,000. They tell their story, hand out samples, and start answering questions about their sales.

They claim to have made $130,000 in lifetime sales and are in charge of all social media marketing. Profit margins are healthy: suits are manufactured for $38 and sold for $130 to $160. They need money for marketing, but Mark insists that they also need a strategy. Kevin declares that there is nothing worthwhile to invest in and leaves right away.

Mark thinks the company’s planned expansion into children’s swimwear is too much, too fast, and he’s out of the agreement. Lori thinks it’s a lot of work, so she’s out as well. Robert says that it is too soon, and he is ejected from the agreement, along with all four Sharks except Barbara.

Barbara offers $100,000 in return for a 51% interest in the company, assuming the suits sell for $99. The girls reply with a 35 percent interest in the business, and they ultimately agree to a 50 percent ownership in the business and a 50 percent split with Barbara, and they all reach an agreement.

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What Happened to Raising Wild Swimwear After Shark Tank?

After negotiating a deal with Barbara during the pitch, Kara and Shelly completed the purchase. They sold $400,000 worth of clothes in the year after their debut. Since the Barbara investment, the company has developed steadily.

They’ve moved into children’s swimwear as of May 2021, with total lifetime sales topping $25 million.

Raising Wild Swimwear’s Net Worth:

During the pitch, the company was valued at $500,000; following Barbara’s investment, the company was valued at $200,000. Since its founding, the firm has generated revenue of $25 million, indicating that its net worth has increased.

How Does Raising Wild Swimwear Work?

Raising Wild Swimwear Is a Clothing Line that Specializes in Swimwear and Bathing Suits for Wild Swimming. Humans Invented Swimsuits, According to The Business, to Make It Simpler to Enjoy the Water.

However, Because Animals Are Built to Only Travel in One Direction Downward, This Habit Can Be Harmful. with Their Swim-Suits-For-Wildlife Brand, the Firm Started by Addressing This Issue.

Who Is the Creator?

Raising Wild Swimwear Was Established by Sisters Rachelle Hyde and Kara Haught from Florida. the Two Sisters Grew up In Florida, Where They Spent Their Days in Their Swimsuits.

They Started Their Company with The Purpose of Offering Attractive Swimming Suits for Women that “embrace Movement.”

How Much Were Asking on Shark Tank?

They Wanted $100,000 for A 20% Part in Their Firm, Which Is Worth $500,000.

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