Puppy Cake Shark Tank Updates 2022: What Happened To Dog Cake Mix After Shark Tank?

puppy cake shark tank

Kelly Chaney introduces Puppy Cake, a product that enables pet owners to give their cherished canines baked treats made with ingredients that are kind to a dog’s delicate digestive system, in Shark Tank episode 304. She got the inspiration after seeing her coworker’s advertisements for baked goods and considering how much her own spoiled dog would savor the occasional sweet treat.

She researched canine nutrition and created a variety of taste combinations for mix-and-bake dog treat mixtures. The goods resemble cake mixes for people. The treats are simply baked or microwaved after the pet owner adds eggs, oil, and water. Even a yogurt “frosting” mix is included with them. The concept is well received by dogs, but will the Sharks reject it?

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Puppy Cake Shark Tank Recap

Chaney is offering 25% of her company in exchange for a $50,000 investment. To show how much dogs appreciate the goodie, she takes her own dog, Minnie. Why can’t pet owners simply purchase a regular cake mix is Robert Herjavec’s question. According to Chaney, her Puppy Cakes are specially made to not disturb the stomachs of the pets.

Kevin O’Leary asks a direct question regarding sales. Chaney has made $80,000 in product sales in four years. The Sharks aren’t interested enough to be interested in it. Although consistent, sales haven’t been particularly outstanding. How does she promote the Puppy Cake line, asks Lori Greiner? The treat mixtures are available online and in 150 physical stores. Although Chaney has a good position in the market, is that enough to make up for the weak sales figures?

Kevin O’Leary is curious. What proportion of people will say, “Honey, let’s skip making dinner for the kids. Let’s do it for the canine! If Chaney wants to close a deal, she must persuade the Sharks that there is a sizable market for her product. She refutes O’Leary’s critique with compelling data, such as the proportion of dog owners who commemorate their pet’s birthday. Why her company hasn’t expanded over the past four years is what Mark Cuban is curious to discover. Chaney says she believes her own lack of contacts and sales prowess is what is holding back her company.

Who’s In?

puppy cake shark tank update

The product, in Robert Herjavec’s opinion, is a novelty. He is gone. Kevin O’Leary urges her to “end this lunacy” since he does not see the economic possibilities. He is gone. The market is “too narrow,” in Lori Greiner’s opinion. She thinks that for Chaney to be successful, it needs to offer a “complete spectrum of gourmet products.” She is gone.

Although he thinks she has a strong product, Mark Cuban informs her that he “can’t fathom signing a check for someone who finds the excuse instead of the opportunity” because she “didn’t feel that her back was against the wall enough to break past personal obstacles.” He is gone.

There is now just one Shark. Daymond John isn’t a dog lover in a significant enough way to be intrigued by the product. Chaney exits the Tank without a contract after the last Shark rejects his offer.

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Chaney left the Shark Tank without closing a deal, but she did so with a fresh outlook on her company. She expressed gratitude to the Sharks for pointing out her faults in her leaving interview and emphasized the necessity to keep moving forward to grow her company. She seems to have remained committed to her goals. She appears to have heeded Greiner’s advice because her website is still live and continues making sales.

Chaney was successful in securing a licensing deal with Uncle Jimmy’s Brand Products following the Shark Tank. Sales are increasing as a result of the specialized products she has introduced to her collection, such as “Hoggin’ Dogs” ice cream. She sells her goods on Amazon and in hundreds of independent pet boutiques as of July 2021. $1 million is brought in annually.

After Shark Tank, Puppy Cake Now

puppy cake shark tank update

Puppy Cake hasn’t fully failed since its appearance on the show, contrary to what the Sharks undoubtedly anticipated. Since then, Kelly has shown her invention at a number of trade events and received numerous prizes for it. Her attendance at these events provided her with the exposure she needed to network with other businesses and organizations that could support the expansion on her own.

Puppy Cake mixes are currently sold on their website and in hundreds of retail locations. Additionally, Chaney added to her line of products based on Lori Greiner’s suggestion, as can be seen on the website. Puppy Cake currently sells ice cream and puppy chips for canines. Despite the Sharks’ belief that Chaney’s company will fail, things appear to be going very well for her overall.

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