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pullypalz shark tank

PullyPalz is a teddy animal with pulley systems that can hold pacifiers and teethers, saving time and stress for parents.
They may be linked to a variety of different baby items. Because there are various distinct personalities to pick from, babies can keep themselves engaged for hours with the plush toys.

Know More About:

Company Name PullyPalz
Entrepreneur Julie Thompson
Product Stuffed animal line with built-in pacifying system
Investment Asking For $100,000 For 20% equity in PullyPalz
Final Deal $100,000 For 28% equity in PullyPalz
Shark Lori Greiner
Episode  Season 6 Episode 24
Business Status In Business

Who Are the Brains Behind Pully Palz?

pullypalz shark tank

PullyPalz was created by Julie Thompson, an entrepreneur, in 2015. Thompson founded Pullypalz in 1995 after earning a bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism and Communications from the University of Memphis.

She was the company’s president from 2007 until 2017, after which she moved on to other projects. Pullypalz had a long run of success before declaring bankruptcy.

Pullypalz is still huge in popularity, and Thompson is expected to come back with a new, cutting-edge product.

Julie Thompson is the epitome of a successful entrepreneur. Pullypalz was created by a full-time working mother who designed each product from the ground up.

PullyPalz was available on Amazon, at trade shows, and at over 350 stores across the United States.

The things she sold during that period were warmly welcomed by customers, and she currently has a 4.5-star rating on Amazon based on 41 customer reviews. During her first year of the company, she generated just under $80,000 in sales.

Before Shark Tank, Pully Palz:

Julie Thompson, the Atlanta-based founder of PullyPalz, has officially joined the Shark Tank, where she is seeking $100,000 in exchange for a 20% interest in the company.

The pacifiers are intended to soothe newborns, but they frequently slip out of their mouths.

When Julie’s babies were babies, their pacifiers constantly slipped out of their mouths, resulting in continual wailing.

A pacifier would commonly wind up behind the infant’s shoulder, which is out of sight for the newborn.

How Did Pully Palz’s Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Julie asks for $100,000 upfront, as well as a 20% interest in the firm. Before handing out samples, she demonstrates how PullyPalz works on a baby doll on a chair. Robert has the impression that he comprehends the situation.

In the last year, Julie has amassed a little over $90,000. Julie claims that trade exhibitions are where she makes the majority of her sales.

New teethers and toys are available for use with the pulley system, according to the manufacturer.

Mr. Wonderful is interested in learning more about the annual birth rate.

He inquires as to what is keeping Julie from progressing, and she says that she is a one-woman show.

She admits that she has spent $125,000 on testing fees alone.

Robert has given up since he can’t stand the standard clips on offer. Mark is also out since he believes she is overstocked.

Mr. Wonderful has left because he believes the merchandise is too costly. Daymond claims that the product doesn’t have “hanging appeal” at big-box stores, thus he’s no longer engaged.

Julie pauses for a second before replying with a 25% discount. Julie accepts Lori’s 28 percent offer!

Lori accepts $100,000 in exchange for a 28 percent stake in the firm.

After Shark Tank, what happened to PullyPalz?

pullypalz shark tank

Lori’s PullyPalz investment looks to be paying off. PullyPalz has no new goods, however, the Shark Tank products on display have been cut to $24.99 and are on sale for $19.99.

Update on The Pully Palz Shark Tank

PullyPalz consumers consistently rate their pully buddies 4.5 stars on Amazon, demonstrating their delight with each purchase.

PullyPalz’s eligibility for Prime free delivery is a good sign that the company will continue to provide free shipping for a long time.

Is Pully Palz Still Operational?

PullyPalz items are available on Amazon and Walmart, yet the websites, as well as the Facebook and Instagram accounts, have been disabled.


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