Prison School Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Storyline

Prison School Season 2
Prison School Season 2

New episodes of Prison School Season 2 are set to air on October 7th. That’s when it starts. Season 1 of Prison School came out on July 11th, 2015, and ended in September.

People love Prison School and they want to see more. It is likely that there will be another season soon.

When Will Prison School Season 2 Come?

There is no official word about whether there will be another season of the series Prison School. Who is in the cast of Prison School season 2?

The following people are in the cast of Prison School season 2:

Prison School Season 2 Franchise

A show about prisons first aired in 2011. This show is called Prison School. It is based on a manga of the same name. There are 28 volumes of the manga. Nine were in the first season and there should be plenty of material for the next season. Prison School, a manga, won the Kodansha Manga Award for General manga in 2015.

Prison School Season One: Story So Far

This story is about a high school that is mostly girls. It has five boys who go there. They are in this show. The 5 young men didn’t know that this school is only for girls. Kiyoshi found out when he heard the girls talking about it.

Later, the five boys went into the school and got caught. They had to choose between going to prison for a month or getting expelled from the school.

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Prison School Season 2 Release Date

There are no updates on when the second season of No Prison School will be released. In the tweet, he said that he needed to continue with the Prison School season 2 but as of now has no clue what is going on. Given that the studio has not said anything about when it will arrive, this response was kind of expected.

In season two of this show, it is unlikely that any episodes will be voiced by Japanese actors.

Praise for the Japanese title of the series was high. But some people don’t think it should be translated as part of English dubbing voice-overs. There is a chance that, even if there is a second season, English dubbing will not make it to this.

The first season of the original show was released in 2015. Then, the show was made into a video animation series in March 2016. If the Prison School team decides to do another season, then it will start again where the original video started and not go back to events that happened before. Season 2 of Prison School is expected to happen a long time after the events of Season 1.

Prison School Season 2 is coming out soon, but we don’t have the date yet. We know that the cast will change and there will be more intimate scenes! There is not yet the second season of Prison School.

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