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pricklee shark tank

Are you looking for an alternative to coconut water to restore your electrolytes? We understand if fresh coconut water isn’t enticing, but bottled coconut water is. Prickly pears, the superfruit of the desert, are used by Pricklee. These cactus fruits defend your body from the inside out by improving immunity, skin health, and immunity by containing more natural antioxidants than a cup of green tea (including Vitamin C, Flavanoids, Betalains, and Polyphenols).

Who Are the Founders?

pricklee shark tank

Pricklee was founded by Kun Yang, Mohammed Hassoun, Jaanai Babb, Sarwang Shah, and Aakash Dheri. They’re all healthcare professionals who dislike coconut water and wanted to find a better alternative. Mohammed Hassoun came up with a solution: a prickly pear-based beverage.

“My grandma used to brew a tasty prickly pear cocktail.” Hassoun told CBS Boston, “I grew up in Lebanon.” “He drove immediately back over here to this Star Market and got the first prickly pears, which we juiced in our kitchen and prepared our first batch of Pricklee, and the rest is history,” Yang explained. Babb continued, recognising the group’s scepticism, “He made us eat our words,” but only for a short time.

Kang told Business With Stories that the brand’s journey hasn’t been without bumps. “Because we weren’t from the consumer packaged goods sector, everything about this environment felt like a parallel planet to us.” The most difficult changes were learning how to join a whole new business, learning the vocabulary and jargon, knowing how the beverage industry worked, and developing the necessary skill sets to come in here and perform,” he added. However, it appears that this hasn’t deterred them from carrying their brand any farther, all the way to ‘Shark Tank.’

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How Much Does It Cost, and Where Can I Get It?

The brand’s website sells the original Pricklee’s Prickly Pear flavour. $29.71 gets you a case of 12 cans. “Surprising traces of pink bubblegum, completed with smooth and luscious watermelon flavours,” according to the description of the flavour. “A whiff of paradise.”

Prickly Pear, Strawberry Hibiscus, and Mango Ginger are included in the $12.71 Variety Pack.

Prickles After Shark Tank:

pricklee shark tank

“Intrigued by the thought of a Cactus Water drink, I gave Pricklee Mango Ginger a try,” one customer said. I was sold from the first “pop” of the tab opening the can to the first sip of the contents to the last drop of the excellent, refreshing drink!!! My beverage drawer in the refrigerator was about to be taken over by this cactus water beverage. This is a must-have beverage because of its light flavour, lack of sweet aftertaste, and hydration. Enjoy!”
“I’ll admit I didn’t understand the attraction when I was looking at it, but I decided to give it a go first and then try coconut water later,” another customer commented. Turns out pricklee’s cactus water tastes better than both what I expected and the coconut water I drank afterwards, and my mother appeared to appreciate it as well since she continues hinting that I could receive more.”

Reviews for Product:

“Pricklee is really, really wonderful!” said another, adding that it was the ideal drink to stock up on. It’s light, cool, and delicious. Prickly Pear, Mango Ginger, and Strawberry Hibiscus are among the three flavours available. I genuinely enjoy all three, and I certainly wasn’t expecting to go through 12 cans in a week and then purchase more for myself and my children! Bravo! Pricklee

Where is Pricklee now?

With a dedicated ambassador programme named ‘Cactus Club,’ Pricklee is clearly on top of its game when it comes to brand growth. “A network of leaders and tastemakers who stimulate POSITIVITY, HAPPINESS, and COMPASSION,” according to the Cactus Club. Those who join the same organisation receive the same benefits.

Who Will Steal the Deal?

Kevin O’Leary may be the one to accept the bait and add it to Chef Wonderful’s product range, depending on the numbers.

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