Prep Deck Shark Tank Updates: Why Did the Prep Deck Founder Resign After Rejecting Kevin O’Leary’s $750 K Offer?

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What Is Fit Deck?

To make exercise “simple and exciting,” FitDeck comprises a deck of cards and a complimentary software program. FitDeck offers flashcards with numerous workouts and instructions, which makes exercising fun and beneficial. Just deal, shuffle, and figure it out.

A unique deck of graphic exercise cards called FitDeck makes working out easier, faster, and more enjoyable. Each exercise has three varying levels of difficulty (beginner, intermediate, and advanced). Fit deck booster decks come in 56-card and 26-card formats.

Bodyweight, Yoga, Stretch, Basketball, and Junior are just a few of the 56-Card Fitdecks from Fitdecks that are typically made to include largely bodyweight activities for creating a thorough workout regimen.

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The 26-card booster pack contains a Dumbbell, Resistance Tube, and Core Blast, all of which can be used alone or in combination with other Fitdecks to produce an even more challenging workout. It is simple to carry and draw cards while on the go because the cards are kept in a plastic cardholder. The FitDeck graphic training cards offer a portable workout.

Company Name FitDeck
Entrepreneur Phil Black
Product Exercise Playing Flash Cards
Investment Asking For $300,000 For 20% equity in FitDeck
Final Deal No Deal
Shark No Shark
Episode  Season 5 Episode 15
Business Status Acquired


Who Is the Founder of Fit Deck?

FitDeck was founded by Phil Black. After graduating from Columbia Business School and serving as a Naval Seal, Phil Black established FitDeck.

Phil Black is a self-starting entrepreneur, personal trainer, business analyst, and financial planner. Phil Black has a running compulsion.

Phil Black intends to work with major firms, gift businesses, and sports organizations. Additionally, he is working on PrepWell, a different fitness business that he owns.

Before Shark Tank, Fit Deck

Phil Black, a businessman from San Diego who was enthusiastic about health and fitness, founded FitDeck in 2005. In the past, Phil had a fascinating and highly varied profession. He graduated from Yale University with a bachelor’s degree and Harvard Business School with a master’s degree.

The former SEAL was a firefighter in the Navy and a Goldman Sachs investment banker. In his professional life, he is also certified as a fitness instructor and motivational speaker. It is not easy to be a loving husband and father to four sons, yet he is both. According to his résumé, Phil developed the FitDeck brand in 2005, and it had some success in the US market.

FitDeck is a specially designed deck of playing cards that includes a number of exercises. By shuffling the cards, you may create an entirely new workout, guaranteeing that you’re never stuck in a rut. The cards from FitDeck are simple to use because they are textually instructed and illustrated.

When Phil created a product that would get people moving and motivate them to stay active and exercise, he was ahead of his time. Obesity and inactivity have reached pandemic levels not just in the United States but all throughout the world.

Numerous elements contributed to FitDeck’s success. You can exercise anywhere in the globe with the FitDeck; all you need is the FitDeck. By shuffling their FitDeck cards, anyone who did not want to pay for a gym membership may build their own workouts. The product also had unique workouts, which made it stand out from the competition. Every time you shuffled FitDeck, a fresh fitness regimen was formed.

For individuals who get tired of their fitness routines, this was very appealing. After FitDeck became a recognized brand, Phil made the decision to create FitDeck cards that could be altered to practically anyone’s specifications.

The Prenatal FitDeck is made to help pregnant women keep up an active and healthy lifestyle during their pregnancy. With the help of this Junior FitDeck, kids are encouraged to be more active, which helps prevent childhood obesity, which affects many kids. FitDeck Senior is made for seniors who want to be active and fit, whereas FitDeck Golf is made for men and women who want to keep in shape while playing golf.

Phil wanted FitDeck to concentrate on three main topics: physical activity, athletic training, and nutrition. Phil wanted to make these three components understandable to the whole family, young and old, so he simplified them. No matter what you’re interested in, Phil has a FitDeck game for you!

If you had the FitDeck app on your smartphone, you always had your FitDeck with you and had a range of workouts at your fingertips. Phil believed he could break through to the digital world and make FitDeck even more accessible by building an app.

Although Phil was a very capable person, he decided to enter Shark Tank with his innovation because he was unable to penetrate the digital world on his own.

How Was the Shark Tank Pitch of Fit Deck?

On Shark Tank, Phil asked for a $300,000 investment in exchange for a 20% ownership in FitDeck. The Sharks were thrilled with the product the owner had developed, but a few factors prevented them from investing in the business.

It took a while to get there, even though half a million were sold. In spite of all its efforts, the corporation did not make a lot of money. Sharks were a little apprehensive about investing in this venture because they thought it would not work out.

The owner’s planned app caused concern among the Sharks. They were worried that the app wouldn’t be particularly popular. They were concerned that the FitDeck app would flop and the business would struggle because there were already so many fitness apps available.

The Sharks claimed that the FitDeck app wasn’t lucrative and that it was challenging to enter the digital market with a product like this. Phil Black walked off the stage of the Shark Tank without getting any deals for FitDeck from the sharks.

Conclusion: Sharks and FitDeck did not reach an agreement.

What Happened to Fit Deck After Shark Tank?

Despite no sharks agreeing to invest, Phil continues to promote FitDeck. FitDeck can be ordered directly from the FitDeck website or from other online merchants like Amazon. Due to media attention, FitDeck’s brand experienced substantial buzz as a result of its presence on Shark Tank.

Phil made the decision to capitalize on the growing interest by introducing the “Shark Tank Bundle,” a three-deck set that sells for $39.95. FitDeck, however, is available on at a big discount. Phil will succeed no matter what he does thanks to his persistent passion and perseverance.

Despite failing to close the transaction on Shark Tank, FitDeck is still highly well-liked. Customers can get the FitDeck Shark Tank Bundle on Amazon based on the hoopla surrounding The Shark Tank.

A few months after Phil Black’s Shark Tank appearance, FitDeck was acquired by Implus. Despite the fact that he did not close the deal on Shark Tank, it appears to be what happened to him.

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FitDeck managed to succeed despite not receiving a deal from the Sharks. FitDeck’s social media profiles have been deleted, and as of 2022, its website redirects to Impuls’ website.

What Happened to Mural Painters After Shark Tank?

“Strategies and ardor for success in the world’s most competitive, exclusive, and elite university” are what Phil Black gives students. Fundamental, athletic, military, and bundle are the available choices. The cost of a monthly subscription varies depending on the plan ($14.95-24.95).

What Is the Net Worth of Fit Deck?

FitDeck had a $1.5 million valuation at the time of its Shark Tank appearance. Given that FitDeck was acquired during its Shark Tank debut, its current net worth is unclear as of 2022.

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