Picks for the return of Pigskin and Instructions on Playing!

Pigskin Pick

While the future of collegiate football is cloudy, Pigskin Pick Six remains true to its roots. The same delights and annoyances await you this year as every year. The sole change in 2022 is a $5 increase in the entry price, from $35 to $40. The last time the entry fee was raised was in 2015, so this is a significant change.

The 17th annual Pigskin Pick Six will soon be upon us. We started this 17 years ago, and the college football scene has changed drastically and continues to develop at an exponential rate.

Since so many people are expected to take part, almost all of us will lose our money. You’ll have a greater shot at the podium and more motivation to keep going all year if you do this.

Rules of the Game


Second, have fun with your pals.

It’s simpler than ever to organize gaming sessions with your pals, relatives, and coworkers. Select “Submit Your Picks,” and a notification will pop up. At that point, you’ll have the option of starting your own group or joining one that already exists. For those who have already dismissed the pop-up, the “Groups” section remains open for further action. You may also just “copy the link” on your computer, tablet, or mobile device to send an invitation to your friends to join the group.

Examine Your Results in the Third Step

If you make a prediction before a game was called, you will either win or lose (with no points being granted if you lost) when the game was called. All of your weekly standings will be summed up to give you a final score at the end of the season. Your teams and the overall standings will be updated as the results come in.

The Pigskin Predictions of 2022 are Back

Many pickers have come and gone since then. But one thing will always be the same: Hanneman will once again compete with sports editor Zach Baker to forecast the outcomes of local football games.

Our courageous forecasters are continuing their work despite the pleading of loved ones, the sarcastic words of coworkers, and the unmitigated animosity of prep football fans across the Midwest (well, a few Northwest Ohio counties, at least).

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Chooses from Hanneman

Choose Findlay instead of ANTHONY WAYNE – For Findlay, the hardest part of the upcoming season will be living up to the endless amounts of preseason praise that have been heaped upon them. Even though fans have great hopes, the real measure of success will be the Trojans’ performance on the field rather than in the preseason.

View from Columbus Grove on Pandora-Gilboa

Get ready for a massive crowd at Clymer Stadium on Thursday night for the season-opening of two teams who I expect to make a lot of noise this year.

Northern Hardin beats out ARCADIA – A year ago, the Bears edged off the Redskins in a thrilling contest. The outcome of this one might be similarly dramatic.

Triumph of Bluffton over CORY-RAWSON – Historic rivalry, but Bluffton’s numerical advantage has translated into victory.

Choose Liberty-Benton instead of LEIPSIC – Exciting season opener between two formidable squads that should both be in the hunt in Weeks 11, 12, and beyond.

Colonel Crawford defeated RIVERDALE by a score of 45 to 28. The previous season, Colonel Crawford went 10-2, outscoring their opponents 550 to 157. The Eagles have an offensive game plan.

RIVERFRONT of the Upper Sandusky Valley

RIVERFRONT of the Upper Sandusky Valley

Cayden Shidone of River Valley accounted for 37 touchdowns thanks to his 37 completions, almost 3,000 passing yards, and 750 rushing yards. Kaden Holman, of Upper Sandusky, threw for 2,246 yards, ran for 125, and scored 20 touchdowns. There will be a lot of people needing the PA announcer’s help on Friday night whether they spell it Cayden or Kaden.

OAK HARBOR beats Fostoria, as the Rockets merely reload while the Redmen keep on remaking themselves.

An Eastwood victory versus an Ottawa-Gander If we fast forward to the playoffs, I seriously doubt that many teams would want to play O-G. However, before that can happen, there are a lot of fresh faces that need to get acclimated to Friday Night Lights.

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Baker’s Selections

With the way Findlay finished the 2017 season, they should be confident enough to beat Anthony Wayne. The first game is always the toughest, and this one will be no different for the Trojans.

Hopewell-Loudon triumphs over CAREY – As much as Carey lost, H-L probably lost even more. Trying to imagine the Chieftains without Ashton Bour is futile. The D-VI champions are the team they face in their first game without him.

Although Ada’s stadium is excellent, Waynesfield-Goshen is the better choice. This first week probably won’t go well.

Northern Hardin beats out ARCADIA – Even though the Hardin Northern Polar Bears are worse offensively than they were last season, they should still be able to shut out the Redskins.

North Baltimore will beat Evergreen, and Gaige Dewitt will have a big game with two touchdowns. Even if I am not always correct, I think I have a good intuition about this.

Major General Crawford in RIVERDALE – It’s a dangerous time to take on the N10 superpowers.

Van Buren only has 51 people on its roster, therefore Elmwood easily wins. It’s possible that it will take everyone’s efforts to defeat Mason Oliver.

Advantage, Ridgemont; Defeat, Vanlue In JR Snook, Vanlue has a receiver who may be too good for Ridgemont to cover. All the Wildcats, including Snook, will most likely be on the field for every single play. This complicates matters.

RIVERFRONT of the Upper Sandusky Valley – River Valley may not be viewed as a powerhouse, but the Vikings did defeat the Rams by a score of 33 and go to the playoffs last season.

Even if Fostoria is the superior team, OAK HARBOR should win this matchup. Eastwood beat out OTTAWA-GLANDORF, which took a major hit.

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