Phoozy from Shark Tank has been updated: Its Really Value, Revenue, And Breakdown

phoozy shark tank

‘Shark Tank,’ an ABC reality show, demonstrates how creativity, finances, and long-term planning may lead to unprecedented success. This show encourages prospective entrepreneurs to receive visibility by encouraging them to submit their company concepts and ideas to a panel of industry experts, or Sharks. However, if the Sharks find the businesspersons’ ideas appealing, they will make an investment in return for shares, allowing them to fulfill their full potential. Phoozy debuted in season 12 with the goal of achieving the same. So, will we learn everything there is to know about them?

Phoozy co-founders Josh Inglis, and Kevin Conway to make a pitch on ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’,

Who Are They and What Do They Do, Phoozy?

phoozy shark tank

Phoozy’s creators are well aware of the importance of performance and winning – literally. Phoozy was founded in 2017 by Kevin Conway, a Charlotte, North Carolina native, and Josh Inglis, a lifelong Atlanta resident, out of pure irritation. Kevin was sick of his phone overheating and shutting down in the summers and freezing over in the winters. He understands directly how a dead item may influence the course of nature as the company’s CEO and, more crucially, as a professional race car driver at the top levels of racing, including NASCAR, so he decided to do something about it.

There’s no disputing that we’re glued to our phones and have a strong need to keep in touch with people, particularly while we’re out and about. As a result, Kevin and Josh developed Phoozy as a fail-safe solution to all of our issues. Phoozy is a device case consisting of multilayer materials similar to those used in space shuttles, spacesuits, and race cars that protect electronics from high heat and cold as well as water. In fact, if you accidentally drop your gadget into a body of water, this sleeve will keep it afloat. Furthermore, Phoozy offers military-grade drop protection, which means no scuffs, scratches, or shattered glass.

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Where Are They Now, Phoozy?

Kevin called his old buddy and Ivy League MBA graduate Josh Inglis after developing a prototype for Phoozy and persuaded him to join the Charlotte, North Carolina-based company. They began to pitch their product as the sole true answer to all the gadget difficulties that may beset anyone’s trek, dive, ski, or long-drive adventures, with Josh as the COO. The fact that their device also has antibacterial protection, as well as prolonging mobile phone battery life and drop protection up to nine feet, just helped them advertise it better. Device Decontamination Wipes and Attachment Straps are also available from the firm.

The name of the firm was created by combining the phrases cellphone and koozie (an insulating sleeve used to keep a canned or bottled drink cold). According to Josh, their current clientele include skiers, snowboarders, and other outdoor sports enthusiasts, as well as first responders. He claims that throughout the epidemic, the latter depended extensively on Phoozy goods to keep their smartphones functional for extended periods of time. Phoozy’s insulated device covers are available for purchase on the company’s website or on Amazon for phones and laptops. REI is a Phoozy shop as well as a national retailer specializing in camping and outdoor goods.

What is Its Really Value, Revenue, And Breakdown?

Phoozy’s net worth is expected to be $1.3 million in 2021, according to Trend Net Worth.  The cost of phone covers is determined by the type of phone you own. The Phoozy smartphone covers a range in price from $20 to $99.
According to Kevin Conway, Phoozy generated $1.9 million in its first 36 months of sales.
In 2019, the firm produced $700,000 in sales and estimated that it will make $1.5 million by 2020.

phoozy shark tank

Was their prognosis accurate? According to the latest data, the firm has generated an estimated $4 million in sales since its debut in 2017. That’s quite an accomplishment!




Company Net Worth:

$12 Million *Estimated


Phone Protector


Josh Inglis and Kevin Conway

Asked For:

$500 000 for 10%


$500 000 for 8% + Royalty


Lori Greiner & Robert Herjavec


Phoozy is a popular product since it allows you to take your electronic gadgets on outdoor trips with you.

When going on an outdoor vacation, most people leave their cellphones or tablets at home for fear of them being harmed by the environment.

However, using Phoozy, you can keep your gadget from scorching in the sun or freezing in the cold. Different hues, such as gold, silver, and black, have recently been added to the smartphone cover. For further protection, the newest shells contain more cushioning.


After Kevin and Josh’s participation in Shark Tank, Phoozy has had tremendous success.

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