Phil Collins Divorce: Orianne, The Ex-Wife of Phil Collins, Divorces Her New Spouse After only One Year of Marriage 

phil collins divorce

Philip David Charles Collins LVO, an English drummer, singer-songwriter, record producer, and actor, was born on January 30, 1951. He is most known for his work with the rock band Genesis as their drummer and main singer, as well as for his 1981-starting solo career. As a solo performer, Collins achieved three UK and seven US number-one songs between 1982 and 1990.

He had more US top 40 singles during the 1980s than any other musician when his work with Genesis, his work with other artists, and his solo career are all included. “In the Air Tonight,” “Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now),” “One More Night,” and “Another Day in Paradise” are some of his most popular hits from that time period.

phil collins divorce

Orianne Cevey, the ex-wife of Genesis singer Phil Collins, chose her boy-toy husband from a male escort website where he described himself as a “sexy intellectual,” according to court documents. Legal records state that 48-year-old Cevey “insisted on dating” 32-year-old Thomas Bates after discovering him on the Cowboys 4 Angels website.

Without a prenup, she secretly wed Bates in 2020 in Vegas, and when Collins, 71, was on tour in Europe, she relocated the couple into the Genesis star’s $40 million Miami Beach estate. Collins was taken aback to discover that his ex-wife had wed again and put in Bates at his home while he was abroad. He initiated an effective legal effort to get them dismissed.

As Cevey and Bates moved into their $6 million Fort Lauderdale estate, things started to go south. According to the divorce documents between Cevey and Bates, which were originally made public by the Daily Mail, “Husband was hired by an escort agency at the time the parties met.”

phil collins divorce

The wife persisted in dating the man she had chosen through the escort service.”The parties’ interaction quickly developed into a deep romantic connection. The husband was convinced to quit his job as an escort in order to wed his wife.

She showered Bates with a $340,000 Aston Martin, plus more than $75,000 worth of fine clothing and timepieces. Thomas Bates and Orianne Cevey were together when he tried to start a filmmaking career. Thomas Bates was given so much attention by Cevey that she even assisted him in trying to start a music career.

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But according to court records, Bates claims that Cevey also threatened to cut off his genitalia after he discovered she had concealed his belongings when he returned home from Thanksgiving with his parents last year. “Wife, who has a terrible temper, threatened Husband with bodily harm (by chopping off his private parts) when he asked for his clothes and personal items,” the court documents read.

“The Wife, who holds a third-degree black belt and has received boxing training, physically abused the Husband on numerous occasions before the separation. In order to escape the wife’s assault, the husband once had to scream for the housekeeper’s assistance. For his safety, the husband voluntarily left the marital home.

Cevey realized she shouldn’t have rushed into love last December. After only a year, she gave notice that she was divorcing Bates, blaming the epidemic for the breakup of their marriage. She wrote in an Instagram statement, “I feel the mental strain of the COVID quarantine drove me to act in ways and do things that were out of character.

Brian M. Karpf, Cevey’s lawyer, stated: “This is an easy divorce of a very brief marriage. This essential fact will prevail despite Mr. Bates’ sensationalistic appeals. Phil Collins and Orianne Cevey are sat together. Phil Collins, a founding member of Genesis, had to file a lawsuit to evict his ex-wife Cevey and her husband from their $40 million Miami Beach property.

phil collins divorce

“We are convinced that Ms. Collins will win even if his claims are not completely rejected. “Ms. Collins will not be dragged into the controversy and sideshows, and she will continue to concentrate on her charitable work and work in the community.” Bates couldn’t be reached right away.

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From 1999 to 2008, Collins and Cevey were married. Together, they have two sons: Nicholas, who took over for his father on the drums during Genesis’ most recent tour, and Matthew.

Is Phil Collins Currently Married?

Of course, Phil is best known for his work with the rock band Genesis as their singer and drummer before going solo in the 1980s. The famous person is rumored to be single and not in a relationship right now.

In 2016, he reconnected with his ex-wife Orianna Cevey, but the reconciliation resulted in a nasty breakup. They split again in 2019 and haven’t been back together since.

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