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pet paint shark tank

When Abe Geary, a promising entrepreneur, was thinking about how he could propose to his then-girlfriend Anne in 2009, he had a bold idea: ‘Who can argue with a dog?’

So Geary enlisted the help of his brother’s white boxer, Jemma, and made a beeline for LAX, where Anne was supposed to arrive from England. Geary told, “I actually planned to locate a puppy, but my brother’s dog turned out to be good enough.” Then he spray-painted the words “Marry me?” in pink and purple letters over Jemma’s side, in what would ultimately become a life-changing gesture.

The dog turned around to reveal Geary’s message when Anne debarked, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Update on The Pet Paint Shark Tank

Despite the Sharks’ mauling, Abe heeded their advice and resorted to the Internet to build a name for Pet Paint. The product is now available at Petsmart and online across the United States. Pet Paint is utilized for parades and festivities, as well as animal rescue efforts, and is far from a “niche.”

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pet paint shark tank



The spray is used by shelters to identify which animals have been spayed or neutered, as well as to “dress up” animals to encourage people to adopt. He even has Savorski Crystals that you can use to bling up your dog.




While the Sharks didn’t bite on Pet Paint, the product is having a moment, and Abe has a winner on his hands. Abe was so successful that he was featured in Episode 202 of Beyond the Tank. He has nearly $5 million in lifetime sales as of March 2022.

Recap of The Pet Paint Shark Tank


Abe approaches the Sharks with an offer of a 20% stake in his company in exchange for $200,000 in cash. He brings in several dogs that have been painted with Pet Paint products, including a bulldog that has been painted in the colors of Mark Cuban’s basketball team.

Abe has already put $240,000 into the venture. Inventory has a value of $200,000 in it. He has patents pending on important components and has conducted thorough toxicity and irritant testing.

Abe has made $70,000 in sales since he began selling in March. He’s already received a buy order from PetSmart for a 50-store test, which will generate roughly $12,000 in sales. In the first year, he expects to sell $200,000 worth of merchandise.

Barbara Corcoran is interested in learning more about sales. The cans are $9.99 each. Corcoran believes the product will not “sell well at that price point,” and that it is more of a novelty item for holidays and special events. She’s no longer with us.

Kevin O’Leary shares a story about Phoenician purple dye to demonstrate that spray-on pet color isn’t a patented product. Mr. Wonderful leaves, as he usually does in these situations.

Lori Greiner is concerned about the $200,000 worth of inventory that is currently lying in warehouses. She’s no longer with us. Mark Cuban questions Abe’s retail strategy and advises him to promote via the internet and social media. “It’s so simple and obvious that it makes me nervous that you couldn’t see it.” He’s no longer with us.

pet paint shark tank

Only Robert Herjavec is still alive. He agrees with Mark that the best method to advertise the product is through social media. Barbara Corcoran jumps in when he’s on the fence. She’s willing to give him the $200,000 he’s asking for in exchange for a 60 percent stake in the company. She wants him to “get out of the way” so she can promote the product.

Herjavec leaves after hearing Barbara’s offer. “I don’t want to collaborate with someone who’s simply going to grab equity,” Abe adds as he evaluates the offer. He declines the offer, and the Tank is left without a Shark agreement.

Before Going on Shark Tank, You Should Paint Your Pet

Have you ever wanted to give your pet a makeover? If your dog, like mine, despises it when you try to dress her (or him) up in human clothing, there’s now a fun alternative. Pet Paint is an easy and mess-free method to dress up your pet for any occasion. Continue reading to learn more about Pet Paint and how Shark Tank aided it.

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After Shark Tank, Pet Paint

pet paint shark tank
pet paint shark tank

After being “torn apart” in the tank, Abe went all-in on getting his company’s web marketing up and running. His product is now available in a variety of stores across the country, as well as online at (click here).

Best of all, his product has grown in popularity from simple pet paint to a variety of occasions such as parades and celebrations. Even more impressive is the fact that many animal rescue organizations now use the product in their efforts to save animals. So far, his product has been a huge success since the end of the Shark Tank show, and it appears that it will continue to be a hit for a long time.

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