Patient Portal Aegislabs: Characteristics and How to Access the Portal’s Sample Data and Reports and Log In!


We’ve discovered during the past six months that the SARS-CoV-2 virus, like many other respiratory infections before it, has undergone mutation, possibly resulting in enhanced contagiousness and illness.

The public and those involved in the treatment of COVID-19 have paid close attention to genetic variations of the virus, such as B.1.1.7 and 501Y.V2, because of their allegedly increased transmissibility.

The TaqPathTM COVID-19 Combo Kit from Thermo Fisher Scientific is used by Aegis Sciences Corporation for COVID-19 diagnostic testing. Three genomic targets that are particular to SARS-CoV-2 are examined by this extremely sensitive and focused testing technology.

The TaqPath kit has been shown through testing of individuals infected with COVID variants not to be susceptible to false negative results, and the FDA has acknowledged that this sensitivity, or risk for false negative results, of the TaqPathTM COVID-19 Combo Kit, is not expected to be impacted by current COVID variants 1,2 These new variant strains may have an effect on other testing procedures that do not employ three gene targets.

In spite of ongoing change throughout the Pandemic, Aegis Sciences Corporation will keep providing healthcare providers with highly sensitive and specific diagnostic test results in a turnaround time that is clinically relevant.

A team of clinical and laboratory scientists will also keep an eye on the scientific literature and clinical testing recommendations. Our goal is to assist physicians in making better decisions, and we’ll keep achieving that goal by delivering a performance that is quick, precise, and technically superior.

The Aegislabs Patient Portal


An online medical center that enables individuals in the United States and other countries to track their test results and receive the finest care for their medical issues might be characterized as the Aegislabs Patient Portal.

Virtual assistance is available online for practically all clinical inquiries. They make a huge effort to make their patients and clients feel welcome and supported.

High-quality care delivered by highly qualified staff is the aim of the patient portal aegislabs. There is a dedicated workforce to help patients in patient-centered online care facilities.

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What Characteristics Does the Aegislabs Patient Portal Have?

  • High-quality mental and behavioral health services are the main focus of the patient site.
  • It includes specific guidelines for treating chronic conditions and pregnancy-related illnesses.
  • offers medical care that reduces or eliminates discomfort.
  • In association with athletic events, this website offers amateur forensic and anti-doping services.
  • Medical situations are handled very responsibly by the staff, even after hours.

How to Access the Portal’s Sample Data and Reports and Log In.



Step 1: Login.

Enter into your browser when it’s open.

Enter the user ID and password that Aegis supplied.

Step 2:Password change

The next screen will allow you to update your password if you haven’t already done so. Until you update your password, this screen will appear each time you log in.

Step 3: My Dashboard

The dashboard page will be displayed after logging in. The top of this page features a menu. You can access a page that lists all of the reports that haven’t been read or downloaded by clicking on a shortcut hyperlink in the lower right corner of the screen.

Please be aware that occasionally, text and/or graphics on the dashboard page may be modified or changed to reflect new information from the laboratory.

Step 4: Set up the Samples View

In the Description field, the donor’s SSN is visible. This field needs to be revealed, then put next to the Sample ID field.
Right-click on the column headers to start.
Choosing Display Columns from the context menu option.
3. Check the Description column by swiping down.
4. Uncheck any additional columns you don’t want to see, including the My Work order ID and Lab Work order ID ones.
5. Select OK from the menu.
6. Drag the Description column so that it is close to the My Sample ID column.

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Step 5: View Samples

The page for seeing samples can be accessed by clicking the Samples tab or the Sample Reports links. You can perform a search on this page for samples that were sent to the lab and look at the results.

The reports from the last 30 days are automatically shown on the page. When you click the Search button, a new query will be run whenever you adjust the date range and/or search criteria.
For a comprehensive search across all text fields, select “Everything” under the Search criteria. For illustration, the search below will show all records with “Will” either in the first name or last name.

Step 6: Check Out a Report

The View hyperlink in the samples grid must be clicked in order to view a report. When a report is viewed, the Report Status will say “Read” when the grid is updated the following time. By checking the rows and selecting the icon in the toolbar above the grid, you can control when reports are viewed by switching this field’s state.

Step 7: Print or download reports

Reports can be printed by selecting the report you wish to print and clicking the print icon.
Reports can be downloaded by selecting the report you want to download and clicking the download icon.

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