A Powerful Voice in Paris
A Powerful Voice in Paris

Paris Shook With A Powerful Voice Police Uplifted The Shade From The Secret

A powerful explosion on Wednesday rocked France’s capital Paris. This explosive sound was heard throughout the city.

People also named the incident by a powerful voice in Paris.

The sound was so loud that the glass of the windows of the houses cracked. There was apprehension about a bomb blast among people.

Recently there was a sensation of a knife incident near the old office of the popular magazine Charlie Hebdo. Four people were injured in that attack.

A Powerful Voice in Paris | Police Uplifted The Secret

A Powerful Voice in Paris
A Powerful Voice in Paris

The terrorist angle of this attack was also being investigated. In such a situation, it was natural for people to be afraid of any terrorist attack.

News agency Reuters quoted police as saying that the sound was caused by a sonic boom caused by the passing of a fighter aircraft. Not only this but the French Defense Ministry spokesperson has also confirmed that this voice was born due to the sonic boom.

Let me tell you that the sonic boom sound of a supersonic fighter aircraft can be heard if it passes from 65 to 80 km from the person who heard it. This sound was so loud that the mirrors of the windows were cracked.

It is worth mentioning that in January 2015, Charlie Hebdo’s office got attacked for the first time. 17 people, including two attackers, were killed in that attack. It is said that the attack was carried out by the suspects for their displeasure with the cartoon of Prophet Mohammed.

In the attack case, the witness told the court that the terrorists started firing as soon as they entered the office. So far 14 people have been arrested in the case against whom the trial is going on in France. The magazine had decided to reprint the cartoon given the hearing being initiated in the case.

On 25 September, four people were injured in a knife attack near the old office of the famous Charlie Hebdo in Paris. It is natural for people to have an unknown fear due to repeated attacks. That is why on Wednesday, due to the sonic boom of a fighter jet, people remained curious.

However, after this incident, the police issued a statement, removing all the apprehensions. According to the news agency Reuters, the police also appealed to people not to make emergency calls which cause unnecessary trouble. However, the administration has not told why the fighter plane is flying above the city at low altitude.


This was the information about a powerful voice took place in Paris. Now the question arises was it just a niose or something? Is there anything fishy in this matter?

Do let us know your views.

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