Paleo Bar Shark Tank Updates: Everything You Need to Know About This!

paleo bar shark tank

In Shark Tank episode 626, Shauna Sledge looks for funding for Paleo Diet Foods, a brand of Paleo-friendly protein bars. The Paleo Diet is based on the idea that human metabolism hasn’t changed much since the Paleolithic era, and that the greatest sources of nourishment are meat, nuts, fruit, and vegetables, rather than manufactured foods and grains. The Paleo Diet Foods bars are gluten-free and dairy-free, with only Paleo-approved ingredients.

paleo bar shark tank

Dr. Loren Cordain, the world’s top expert and Paleolithic diet movement’s “Godfather,” partners with Paleo Diet Foods. Paleo Diet Foods bars are “the genuine deal,” as Dr. Cordain’s endorsement confirms.

Sled has worked in the fitness and nutrition industry for years with her husband, Todd. Both are outdoor lovers and enthusiastic riders. Paleo Diet Foods was created to give the Paleo Diet advantages in a simple nutrition bar. Sled is likely searching for a Shark to invest in and assist spread the word about the Paleo diet’s benefits to the general public because the company is still relatively young (it was founded in 2013).

Paleo Diet Bars: Will a Shark Bite Them?

Shark Tank Recap: Paleo Diet Foods:

Shawna and Todd, together with their kids and son, are featured in a “at home” episode. She outlines her origins and the paleo diet, as well as her healthy lifestyle. She feels that in order for her company to thrive, she will need the help of a Shark.

Shawna enters the Tank accompanied by a caveman (her husband Todd). She’s looking for $150,000 in exchange for a 20% stake in the company. She gives the Sharks an overview of the paleo diet and how she put it together at the Paleo Diet Bar. As the Sharks giggle, she feeds her “caveman.” She distributes samples to the Sharks, who seem to like them. She describes her partnership with Dr. Cordain, who owns 5% of the company and receives 10% royalties. Around 350 brick-and-mortar locations have the bars. She requires the funds in order to engage a food broker. The bars are $1.09 each and retail for $2.99 each.

Lori refuses to eat it since she doesn’t like the flavor. Robert is curious as to whether or not she works full-time in this position. On Thursdays, she visits dental patients and offers an hour-long session. She’s spread too thin, according to the Sharks. Kevin is out because he believes she isn’t paying attention. Robert concurs, and he, too, is leaving.

Daymond is right behind them.

Shawna informs Mark that she’s willing to give up some of her other jobs, but he believes she’s just playing it safe. He also owns Chapul, the cricket bar from Season 5; he’s gone. Shawna is distraught as she walks out of the room.


Deal breaker

Shark Tank Update: Paleo Diet Foods

The Shark Tank Blog is updated on a regular basis with information on entrepreneurs who have been featured on the Shark Tank television show. In 2016, The Paleo Ranch became the company’s new name. As of August 20, 2021, they are still in operation and have a booming Amazon Store. Shaw’s, Walmart, Publix, and a variety of other grocery stores sell their items nationwide. They’ve expanded their product range to include beef sticks, beef jerky, and bacon jerky. Annual sales will be $5 million in May of 2022.

The After Shark Tank Update on the Paleo Foods Diet in 2022

On Amazon, this item does not appear to be extremely popular. The majority of the reviews I’ve read are three stars or less, with the most common complaints being about the flavor and texture. It appears that Shauna Sledge, acting as a real client, posted one of the five-star reviews. Dr. Loren Cordien, however, does not appear to be a fan of the product anymore. His website makes no reference to it.

The Paleo Diet Bar Is No Longer Available.

The Paleolithic Diet, also known as the Paleo Diet or Caveman Diet, consists solely of foods that would have been available to our forefathers during the Paleolithic Era, a time of human evolution prior to farming and domestication. Fruits and vegetables have foraged, and wild wildlife was hunted by the hunter-gatherers of the day. Meals like legumes, grains, dairy, and, in particular, processed foods, are not allowed on the Paleo diet.

The Paleo Diet advocates believe that humans’ nutritional needs are based on the foods available during the Paleolithic Era, a 2.5 million-year period that encompasses a significant portion of humanity’s history and evolution. Humans have only been practicing modern agriculture and animal breeding for 10,000 years. Our current food production processes have grown swiftly in comparison to the sluggish evolution of our bodies, and as a result, our bodies have not had the time to adjust to novel sources of nourishment like dairy.

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Finding a decent range of foods to consume that fulfill desires while also meeting nutritional demands, as well as fast snacks to eat in between meals, is one of the most difficult aspects of sticking to the Paleo diet. That’s where The Paleo Diet Bar comes in: a delicious nutrition bar that provides the energy you need while staying true to the Paleo diet’s guidelines. Gluten-free, grain-free, GMO-free, preservative-free, soy-free, and dairy-free, these protein-packed bars include 17 grams of egg protein and 9 essential amino acids. Dr. Loren Cordain, the founder of the Paleo Diet movement, recommends them as the ideal snack for today’s hunter-gatherer.


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