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Let’s Eduvate works to support parents, teachers, and students—it is not a business. The app started offering educational content from a new perspective using new technologies because traditional teaching techniques are not effectively reaching pupils.


Innovations in non-formal education systems are supported by the multilevel strategy and consulting firm Eduvate. Its objectives include streamlining school operations, educating instructors, creating an easy-to-use curriculum, managing exams, interacting with parents, and adding value for all parties involved in the educational ecosystem by offering tailored solutions.

What Functions Can Be Performed With The Eduvate Parent Portal App?

  • The app’s ability to display a student’s whole university and academic history is useful.
  • A class schedule that displays the beginning and ending times of each session is also included in this software.
  • Through the use of practice tests, students can utilize this app to prepare for their exams.
    Students often receive their classwork and homework assignments through the Educate app.
  • The results of weekly examinations and evaluations are sent to parents and students via this app.
  • For kids to voice any concerns they may have, the Eduvate App is a terrific resource.
  • All the data you require from the schools is available in this app, including the students’ monthly attendance records.
  • A number of benefits come with the Eduvate Parent portal app.


How to Get Eduvate Parent Portal for Android

  1. The Google Play Store offers downloads.
  2. the “eduvate parent portal” app should be searched.
  3. deciding on a Letseduvate-published application.
  4. For the application to be installed, click. wait for the installation to complete.

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Instructions for downloading the Eduvate parent portal for iOS

  1. Look up “Eduvate Parent Portal” in the Apple Appstore.
  2. Select K12 Techno Services Private Ltd.’s app.
  3. Last but not least, select “GET” then “Install.”

Windows laptop/PC software download for the Eduvate parent portal

  1. Download and install an emulator like Bluestacks, LD Players, or bignox, and that’s all.
  2. Log in to the emulator using your Gmail account after starting it.
  3. Search for the application in the Google Play store now.
  4. the parent portal for Eduvate on a laptop computer.


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