How to Open My Tiktok Following Feed and How to Fix Tik Tok Following Page Not Working?

open my tiktok following feed

One of the most popular and well-liked apps in the world, Tik Tok appears to have been having some problems lately. The absence of the follower list is only one of the problems that Tik Tok users have been reporting. Users are voicing complaints and noting that

It’s conceivable that the server has malfunctioned if the TikTok app isn’t refreshing. If so, you might have to force quit the app and start it again.

Make sure to properly follow these instructions as failing to do so could result in spam blocking. Although this approach may seem straightforward, it could potentially lead to more issues.

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User Instructions for TikTok

  • Get TikTok open and go to the user’s profile. You can do this by looking for them in a video or message or by tapping on their username.
  • The Big Red Follow Button must be clicked.
  • Your following list will include them.

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Deleting Followers

On TikTok, clicking the “Unfollow” option that is placed on the person’s profile’s right side works best for unfollowing someone. You won’t receive any notifications that the person has been unfollowed after you click the Unfollow button, and you won’t be able to see their posts anymore. Additionally, you can still follow someone if you remove them from your list and decide not to follow them back.

It is advisable to unfollow each user individually in order to prevent a shadow ban. Despite the temptation to follow someone simply because they’re well-known, you should be aware that doing so is against TikTok’s rules and principles. The amount of users you can unfollow on TikTok is also limited to a certain number each day. This limit must not be exceeded or you risk being shadow-banned from the website.

You could wish to stop following a TikTok user for a variety of reasons. Maybe you’ve ceased being interested in what they post. Alternatively, perhaps you don’t want to talk to strangers. It’s possible that you followed a user who didn’t seem to like your videos. And possibly after being friends with them in the past, you later discovered that they had stopped following you. You have the ability to unfollow anyone who has not liked one of your videos on TikTok in addition to unfollowing other users.

How Do I Fix Tik Tok Following Page Issues?


The following are some potential solutions to the Tik Tok following page issue:

1) Examine the server’s status

The first thing we need to do when experiencing any problems with an app is to see if it is up and running or not. To find out if the server is up or down, check the Tik Tok server status. If it isn’t working, your only option is to wait for the servers to come back online.

2) Terminate and reopen Tik Tok

Possible causes of the problem include insufficient loading. It’s possible that these faulty problems are brought on by the app’s incomplete loading. Try to force stop the app and then try to launch it again.

3) Clear Cookies and the Cache

You should erase the cache and cookies if you are having trouble with the Tik Tok following page. To accomplish this, open the app’s settings, locate the cache cleaner, and select Clear Data.

open my tiktok following feed

4) Upgrade the Tik Tok app.

If the Tik Tok Following Page Not Working issue affects you, you should upgrade your Tik Tok app to the most recent version available in the PlayStore or App Store. Make sure you have the most recent version of the software by checking the PlayStore or App Store.

5) Start your Device Over

It is always best to try restarting your device to resolve issues, including the Tik Tok Following Page Not Working issue. This is true whether your device is an Android, iOS, or PC.

6) Alternating Internet Connection

Tik Tok Following Page malfunctioning could also be caused by a bad network. You need a strong, reliable internet connection in order to access the app. So trying to utilize high-speed internet, using WiFi, or using a router can also help to resolve the problem.

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7) Log back into Tik Tok

Errors can occasionally be fixed by logging out of Tik Tok and back in again. To fix the Tik Tok Following Page Not Working issue, you should also think about deactivating your account and logging back in.

8) Remove and then reinstall Tik Tok

Similar to restarting the phone and updating the software, removing and reinstalling an app occasionally resolves problems. Therefore, you should think about the possibility of uninstalling Tik Tok and reinstalling it to fix the issue.

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