Oli London Surgery: Oli London (BTS Fan) Spends $200,000 on Surgery to Look Like Jimin

Oli London Surgery

Oli London, a British-born influencer, has been in the news for undergoing multiple plastic surgeries to resemble their K-Pop idol, Jimin of BTS. London, who identifies as non-binary, has undergone 18 plastic surgeries, including a facelift, a brow lift, a temple lift, an eye surgery, and dental work. London has spent more than $200,000 on cosmetic surgery to achieve their Jimin look. London has also caused a stir on social media by revealing that they now identify as Korean.

Oli London Surgery Details

In June 2021, London shared a video on YouTube, in which they said that they feel more connected to Korean culture than the U.K., after “transitioning” to resemble Jimin. London has undergone racial transitional surgery to become non-binary and identify as Korean.

London has apologized for the procedures and for “trying to become another person”. In January 2022, London revealed that they were looking into getting penis reduction surgery, as their laundry list of cosmetic procedures continues to grow.

BTS Fans Reactions to Oli London’s Surgeries

BTS fans have had mixed reactions to Oli London’s surgeries. Some fans have criticized London for appropriating Korean culture and trying to look like Jimin. Others have expressed concern for London’s mental health and well-being, as they have undergone multiple surgeries to achieve their desired look.

In a video posted on YouTube, Jimin himself reacted to London’s surgeries, saying that he hopes London is happy with their new look. However, some fans have criticized Jimin for not speaking out against London’s surgeries and for not taking a stronger stance against cultural appropriation.

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In conclusion, Oli London’s surgeries have sparked a lot of controversy and debate on social media. While some people support London’s decision to undergo plastic surgery, others criticize it as an attempt to appropriate Korean culture. Regardless of the opinions, it is important to respect London’s decision and identity.

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