Noragami Season 3 Release Date: All You Need to Know

Noragami Season 3 Release Date

Noragami is a show about gods. It does not have a sequel yet, so will there be another one?

Is it possible for Yato to get millions of worshipers to his grandson’s sanctuary in the third season? We will not be able to find out what happens if we don’t read the manga. Will Hiyori and Yukine show up again? You can only know if you read the manga. Studio Bones has done a good job of adapting Noragami but people hope for a third season.

Noragami season 3 is in production, but it hasn’t been verified yet.

There Is A Possibility That Noragami Season 3 Will Be Announced

Noragami Season 3

Noragami season 3 release date: Updated Part 3: Analysis of announcement chance for season 3 in 2021.

The First Part Of This Is About The Source Material For Noragami Season 3

Noragami Season 3

If a new series is an adaptation of something unknown, it’s not from a script, live footage or audio recording. Noragami is adapted from manga, so check on the status of the manga first before anything else. We need to know how many manga volumes are published so far. If the story is already finished in the manga, we might not get more episodes of Noragami.

Noragami No. Of Volumes Availability

Noragami is a manga that has 23 volumes and two spin-offs.

Is the Noragami Manga Still being Made?

Noragami Season 3

Noragami is a manga that was published in February of 2021. The author, Adachitoka, has written one novel in 2017, another one in 2018 and two more this year. There are only one volume published at this time for 2020.

What Volumes Does The Anime Of Noragami Cover?

Noragami Season 3

Noragami Volumes 1-3 were adapted for the first season of Noragami. Volumes 4 through 9 covered volumes four to nine of the manga respectively. As a result, volume ten will follow anime story lines after this point from now on. There are 13 different books that can be read in Noragami season 3.

Source Material

There is enough manga to cover for a few more seasons of Noragami. The fact that the manga is still ongoing means there’s something to advertise, giving Noragami season 3 better odds than it might otherwise have had.

Part 2: Noragami Season 3 Sales & Profit Information

Anime production is very expensive. A company has to think about how much money they make from the show before deciding if they want to produce a third season. Since the unemployment rates go down at different times of the year, most anime don’t get a third season.

Noragami Blu-Ray Sales

Noragami When Will Be Noragami Season 3 Release All Update Till Season 3 & Cast

The first season of Noragami sold an average of 5,000 copies per volume. The second season sold 2,000. In September, the BD-Box for the first season sold 400 copies.

One Punch Man Season 3 on Blu-ray is less good than when it was on television. I said this before, and I’ll say it again about Noragami: in 2020, Blu-rays will not be mainstream since these famous shows will ultimately be aired by their own streaming services.

Noragami Manga sales

Noragami season 3 sales were the worst in episode 22. In the first week, even season 3 manga volume 23 did not sell well. Sales were probably less than 45,000 within the first week.

Noragami is one of those anime series that has been declining each year. It sold 300,000 copies for its Volume 12 release but the sales were decreasing each year. Accel World also followed but there was not an announcement or any information about a Season 2 coming soon.

Noragami Merchandise

Noragami Season 3 Release

Noragami has four figures in the series. They are Bishamon, Kofuku, and Iki Hiyori. There are 450 items in the merchandise that is available for Noragami. But out of all the fans, 80% were disappointed about season 1. Noragami Aragoto has only been 20% in the second season. The above are just a few of many ways that anime is adapted. Anime generates more money from other forms besides just being on TV.

In this passage, you can find out about soundtracks in Noragami. They are from different places.


The second season of Noragami did not do as well as the first season. Between seasons, there was a decline of more than 50%. Even the manga seems to be doing less and has declined by more than 50% between seasons too. I wouldn’t expect such steep drops in viewership if there’s been a long gap in between,

Part 3: Noragami Season 3’s Popularity Is About

You should look at all the different sources to find out how well Noragami is doing. You can see it on their website, social media outlets, google trends, My Anime List rankings and print versions.

Social Media

Recently, a Noragami Facebook post talked about the release of Season 3 during September 2019. In February 2021, 109,000 fans tweeted about the original premiere date for Noragami Aragoto ten years ago.

Ranking of MyAnimeList

The anime Noragami is in the top 20 out of more than 170,000 people. And it is 64th out of over 1.6 million people who are ranked on this site. So any anime that reaches popularity at this level is very popular.


Noragami has two female mangaka. This is why the manga releases have slowed down.


The first Noragami book (a book with pictures and words) came out in December of 2015. The next books have come out every year since then. In 2017, there were no new books. But this year (2020), there are new books coming out again!


From a popularity perspective, this is the worst 40% of items. No merchandise or anime and manga release slows down its popularity.

Is There Going To Be A Third Season Of Noragami?

The Noragami season 3 release date is still not known. The company that makes it hasn’t said anything. But next year may work, because there are many shows that they are making next year. There were 2 new volumes of Noragami released in 2019 but only 1 new volume released in 2020.

There was a celebration for the 10th anniversary of Noragami. There wasn’t any new information about Noragami Season 3 though. We might find out more in one or two years.


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