Night Runner: Shoe Lights $250,000 Shark Tank Deal Fell Through!

night runner shark tank

Night Runner 270: What Is It?

The Night Runner 270s are rechargeable LED lights that connect to a pair of running shoes and light up the path ahead at night.

Company Name Night Runner 270
Entrepreneur Doug Storer and Renata Storer
Product Shoe Lights that Cover 270 Degrees
Investment Asking For $250,000 for 10% Equity in Night Runner 270
Final Deal $250,000 for 15% + $100,000 Loan in Night Runner 270
Shark Robert Herjavec
Episode Season 8 Episode 3
Business Status In Business

Who Is Night Runner 270’s Founder?

night runner shark tank

Night Runner 270 Was Established by Doug and Renata Storer, a Husband and Wife Team. Rene Worked as An Interior Designer, While Doug Worked as A Sales Agent for A Construction/architecture Business.

The Firm Has Changed Its Name to Night Tech Gear and Now Sells Night Illumination Equipment for A Variety of Outdoor Sports. Renata and Doug Are Still on The Extended Board, and The Group Has Recently Hired More People to Take on More Tasks.

Before Shark Tank: Night Runner 270

Two Entrepreneurs Are Heading to The Shark Tank. They’d Like to Demonstrate a Running Product. Renada Storer and Doug Storer, Married Runners from Orlando, Florida, Were Granted a Shot on Shark Tank.

They Came up With a Wonderful Concept and Are Seeking $250,000 for A 10% Investment in Their Company. when Doug Was Training for His Sixth Marathon, He Tripped Over a Pothole.

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He Dove, Hurt Himself and Limped Back Home. He Walked Into the Room and Announced that He Needed a Torch for His Shoes! Renada Described Everything, and Every Now and Then He Had a Brilliant Insight. the Result Is the Night Runner 270 Shoe Lights, Which Have a 30-Foot Range and Give 270 Degrees of Visibility.

This Can Help You Spot Any Possible Tripping Hazards that May Come Your Way. the Night Runner 270s Are Also Water-Resistant, so They Can Tolerate Rain and Rough Terrain. People May Follow Their Interests While Being Safe and Injury-Free Thanks to The Night Runner 270.

How Did Night Runner 270’s Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Renata and Doug Went on Shark Tank to Ask for $250,000 in Exchange for A 10% Interest in Night Runner 270. He Tells How He Came up With the Concept After Stumbling Into a Pothole While Running in The Dark.

They Hand out Samples for Mark and Lori to Try. Mark Maintains He Is Completely Ignorant of Their Presence. They cost $15.50 to Make, yet They Sell for $30 at Wholesale. $59.95 Is the Suggested Retail Price. in The Eight Months They’ve Been Open, They’ve Sold $260,000.

The Firm Expects to Make $760,000 in Sales This Year. as A Result, Barbara Sets out To Find a Night Runner in New York City. After Hearing that Doug’s Concept Might Aid Individuals Who Execute Their Responsibilities in The Dark, Kevin Has Grown More Interested in It.

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The Night Shift, According to Doug, Will Be the Name of Their New Labour Paradigm. the Battery Life Is 10 Hours, as Opposed to The Night Runner’s Four Hours. In Return for 30%, Robert Offers $250,000. Kevin Instantly Undercuts Him with A $250,000 Offer for 15%. After a Little Break, Liri Responds with $300,000 for 20%.

Then Robert Lowers His Offer to $200,000 Plus a 15% Loan of $150,000. Mark Is Offering $300,000 at 30% Interest with Purchase Order Financing. Renata and Doug Go Down the Corridor to Discuss the Possibilities. Robert, Kevin, and Lori All Agree to Team up With the Sharks in Exchange for A 30 Percent – 10% Part of The $250,000.

Doug Stated Last Year that He Would only Give up A Maximum of 20%. After Some Squabbling Among the Sharks, They Split Off and Make Separate Proposals. After Robert Makes His Final Offer of $250,000 for 15% Plus a $100,000 Loan, the Dust Settles.

Final Deal: Robert Herjavac Agreed to Invest $250,000 in Night Runner 270 in Exchange for A 15% Equity Stake and A $100,000 Loan.

After Shark Tank, What Happened to Night Runner 270?

night runner shark tank

Night Runner 270 Looks to Be a Success Story that Is Too Big to Fail. Night Runner 270, on The Other Hand, Was Successful. Their Agreement with Robert Was Never Completed, and Robert Did Not Gain Control of The Firm.

Instead, Shortly Before This Episode of Shark Tank Aired, Renada and Doug Approached a Backer and Requested Funds to Create 10,000 Units. Because 10,000 Units Were Created, Their Website Collapsed Immediately After the Shark Tank Programme Aired.

The Night Runner 270 Has Received Mixed Reviews on Amazon, with An Average Rating of 4.95 Stars Based On Over 290 Reviews. Several Running Enthusiast Websites, on The Other Hand, Have Slammed the Gadget, Alleging that It Slips Off Too Easily and That You Can Feel It When It’s Secured.

Despite This, the Product Appears to Be Selling Like Hotcakes. Amazon Has the Night Runner 270s for $59.95 with Free Prime Shipping.

night runner shark tank

Shark Tank Update for Night Runner 270:

The Deal with Robert Never Came to Fruition, but That Was Beside the Point. They Generated $880,000 in Revenue for The Year and $300,000 Following the Premiere. There Were Also Nearly 300 Questions Concerning the Industrial Model.

Is the Night Runner 270 Still in Operation?

As of January 2022, Night Runner 270 Is Still in Operation Under the Name of Night Tech Gear. The Illumination Duration Timer in Night Runner Is Still Being Refined. the Model Is Fine, but The Future of Their Company Hinges on Extending and Modernising It.

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