Natasha Lyonne Surgery: Did Natasha Lyonne Have Heart Surgery? Check Here For Full Details

natasha lyonne surgery

Natasha Lyonne, the Russian Doll actor and voice changer, had heart surgery in 2012 to correct heart valve damage caused by a heart infection that would have been catastrophic if left unchecked. While in active recovery, the actress’s medicines did a lot of harm, and she was hospitalized at Beth Israel Medical Center in Manhattan with hepatitis C and a heart infection.

Natasha Lyonne (born April 4, 1979) is an American actress, director, writer, and producer. Lyonne was nominated for three Primetime Emmys, one of which was for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series.

natasha lyonne surgery

She is most known for her appearances as Nicky Nichols in Netflix’s comedy-drama Orange Is the New Black, for which she received a Primetime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Guest Actress, and as Nadia Vulvokov in Netflix’s Russian Doll, which she also co-created, executive produced, wrote, and directed.

Animal Pictures, a production business co-founded by Maya Rudolph and the actress, was launched in 2018. Sarah Cooper: Everything’s Fine was Animal Pictures’ first authorized production, directed by Lyonne.

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Natasha Lyonne directed an episode of Orange Is the New Black for its seventh and final season, as well as an episode of Hulu’s Shrill, WAHAM, and a Weird But Warm episode of High Fidelity.

Did Natasha Lyonne Have Heart Surgery?

natasha lyonne surgery

In 2005, Natasha Lyonne (@nlyonne) was taken to Manhattan’s Beth Israel Medical Center with hepatitis C, a heart infection, a collapsed lung, and methadone therapy for heroin addiction (under a pseudonym). Natasha started a drug and alcohol treatment program in 2006 and later went to court. She was given a conditional discharge by the judge.

Natasha Lyonne’s life was ruled by drugs and addiction for a while. Even while she continued to appear in films, date, and break up with other male actors, her opiate addiction remained. Unfortunately, Natasha thought she was alone in her addiction.

On the other side, the actress had not yet hit rock bottom and was still making poor decisions. However, things quickly began to go wrong for her. In 2001, Natasha Lyonne was arrested for drunk driving. She continued to work as an actor, despite her lackluster talents and inconsistent acting jobs.

Natasha is the only cast member on the show who has publicly suffered from drug addiction, which has served the narrative well. Natasha is best known for playing Nicky Nichols on Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black, but she is all too familiar with her character’s heroin addiction.

She succumbed to her concerns and turned to opioids as her popularity in Hollywood rose. As her melancholy deepened, her personal issues became legal issues. After being arrested for a DUI in 2001, the actress was charged with mischief, trespassing, and harassment of a neighbor. A year later, she was brought to a New York hospital’s intensive care unit with serious health problems, including a collapsed lung and Hepatitis C, and the tabloids went insane.

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Lyonne was brought to Beth Israel Medical Center in Manhattan with hepatitis C, a heart infection, and a collapsed lung in 2005 under a fictitious identity. She was also getting methadone therapy for her heroin addiction at the time.

She had a heart infection that needed to be treated, but physicians had to open her up and treat the illness the best they could. Despite the fact that the actress survived, these and other adversities may have served as a wake-up call.

In 2012, Natasha Lyonne had open-heart surgery to repair damage to her heart valves that had been caused by a cardiac infection. She may have died abruptly if the damage to her heart valves had gone unchecked. She fully recovered from the operation and appeared on The Rosie Show in March 2012 to discuss her prior health difficulties.

She understood the surgeons would attempt to save her life by separating her sternum. The author was well aware that she had beaten death more times than she could recall. Despite everything, she made it. Natasha Lyonne now desires to keep her sanity and participate in life. Natasha may be facing life for the first time as a fully engaged participant.

Natasha does, however, have a scar on her chest from open-heart surgery in 2012 to repair heart valve damage caused by a heart infection that may have killed her if not addressed.

While she was in active recovery, Natasha Lyonne’s drugs did a lot of harm, and she began to recover from her addiction. The actress wrote poetry and told others about her long and tough journey. She regularly argues that she pushed herself to the limit and didn’t die, thus she chose to live. It’s challenging, but it’s also really simple.

You can tell Natasha Lyonne is entirely honest by reading her prior interviews. She makes an effort to show that she is aware of and comprehends the legal consequences of her drug addiction. Natasha is also well-versed in the medical consequences of her drug addiction. Even when she overcome her heroin addiction, she required open-heart surgery to repair the damage that opioids had caused to her heart.

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