Mush Shark Tank Update 2022: Mush Overnight Oatmeal Accepts $300,000 Offer from Mark Cuban!!

mush shark tank update

What Is Mush Oatmeal?

Mush Oatmeal is nutrient-dense, chilled oatmeal that is soaked overnight in dairy-free milk, which promotes nutrient absorption and breaks down natural starches to assist digestion and weight loss.

Wild blueberry, crisp apple, vanilla bean, and dark chocolate are the four varieties offered by Mush Oatmeal. Ashley Thompson and Kat Thomas met while working in finance and shared a passion for healthy eating, but were disappointed by the lack of easy on-the-go options for busy people.

Mush Oatmeal was born when the two took the product to farmers’ markets and solicited comments. They then set out to build a well-known food company.

Who Is the Founder of Mush Oatmeal?

mush shark tank update

Ashley Thompson and Kat Thomas, the founders of Mush Oatmeal, met while working in finance and shared a passion for healthy food. The duo invented their on-the-go oatmeal snack while working at the same financial firm.

They both wanted to be entrepreneurs and had a passion for healthy cuisine. When they created their “cold-processed” oats, they didn’t use any added sugar, artificial flavors or colors, fillers, or preservatives.

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The two women were looking for a quick and healthy meal or snack. They started soaking oats in cold water and saw what happened. They naturally protect their items by applying pressure. The product was first sold at local farmer’s markets in San Diego, but it quickly found its way into Whole Foods Market shelves.

Mush is available in four different flavors: vanilla bean, wild blueberry, apple crisp, and dark cacao. On the website, an eight-pack of eight-ounce Mush tubs costs $39.99, or $5 per serving. Whole Foods sells an 8-ounce jar for $3.99, with two packs for $5 occasionally available.

What Happened to Mush Oatmeal at Shark Tank Pitch?

Ashley Thompson and Katherine Thomas desire for a Shark to bite into Mush, their quick twist on a breakfast staple, in episode 909. They need a Shark to help them expand their retail distribution.

Ashley and Katherine appeared on Shark Tank with the hopes of receiving $300,000 in return for a 10% interest in their $3 million company. Katherine recalls being unable to get adequate, healthy food for herself when she first started working.

Sugar and other “processed garbage” were found in abundance in the majority of yogurts, cereals, and protein bars. She founded MUSH for that reason. The oatmeal is not cooked; instead, it is soaked in cold almond or coconut milk. It’s all-natural, and because the oatmeal isn’t cooked, it preserves all of its health benefits.

It’s dairy-free, high in protein, and delicious! As they pass out samples, the Sharks express their enjoyment of the flavor. In their first year, they made $72,000 selling at farmer’s markets. In 2017, they increased by nearly fourfold to $120,000.

They’re available today at Whole Foods, and sales are expected to reach $900,000 in 2018. At $3.99 retail, they make around 70 to 80 cents for each piece. Their cost was “excessively expensive,” according to Rohan. Mark disagrees, highlighting the benefits of convenience and greater quality.

The Sharks’ reactions to their pitch are the first thing Ashley and Kat address. Robert claims that he does not care for food businesses and hence leaves. Rohan and Mark start talking over each other, and Rohan offers $400,000 for a 20% stake in the company.

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Lori leaves the MUSH ladies in the dark. Rohan describes himself as a “food industry genius.” In return for 10% equity and an unrestricted line of credit, Mark provides $300,000. Barbara states the ladies are her type of businesswoman and offers $300,000 in exchange for 10% stock and an unrestricted line of credit.

Mark tells them about a successful cookie company in which he invested and now earns $8 million. Ashley and Kat decided on Mark after much deliberation and walked away with an agreement.

What Happened to Mush Oatmeal After Shark Tank?

They were flooded with orders after the show aired, and they rapidly ran out of packing materials. The transaction with Mark Cuban was signed, and within 48 hours, Mark had helped them find a new packaging supplier and set up a new production line.

Whole Foods Market, some CVS stores, and 7-11 locations now sell MUSH. They’re also available on Amazon in the United States. Sales have already topped $2 million since the show aired. The corporation receives an update section in episode 1102 of season 11.

The company was still in business in November 2021, and they were added to Costco’s shelves the following month. The company is still operational and valued at $4.5 million as of February 2022.

Mush Oatmeal’s Net Worth:

During the Pitch and Following Mark Cuban’s Investment, the Firm Was Valued at $3 Million. the Business Has a $4.5 Million Net Value.



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