Morninghead Shark Tank Updates 2022: What Happened To Bed Head Hair Cap After Shark Tank?

morninghead shark tank

What Is Morning Head?

The MorningHead is a hair-treatment tool that resembles a shower cap that gathers water before being applied to the user’s head.

The creator of MorningHead, Max Valverde, has traveled from Boston, Massachusetts. You may wet your hair using this device without having a shower. The MorningHead cap just requires users to add water before putting it on and massage their heads.

If you have bad hair days, the product is believed to work well. Because MorningHead does not entirely dry out, it has been charged as being the cause of the lice problem.

Additionally, its high-fat content has drawn criticism because it could smell terrible. They also criticized it for being ineffective for people with long hair. In the meantime, a limited supply of MorningHead is already available in Massachusetts. The cost is $29.99 in Boston retail outlets.

Max intends to release it across the country, but only when the product’s quality is consistent enough for commerce.

Who Is the Founder of Morning Head?

MorningHead was started by Max Valverde. He previously spent three years working at Microsoft and holds a computer science degree from Boston University.

Max is eager to have his concept sponsored on the television show Shark Tank. Max hopes to be able to produce other goods, but he will continue to concentrate on the MorningHead cap.

The cap has participated in some clinical trials, and Max is hoping that one of the few significant merchants will decide to carry it. More clinical trials are already in the works, although Max hasn’t said exactly when he’ll reveal the findings. Valverde used a Kickstarter campaign to start the business in February 2012.

He requested $1000 and ended up with more than $6300! MorningHead is offered on Amazon or the business’ website for $10.99.

What Happened to Morning Head on Shark Tank Pitch?

The likelihood is that Max is looking for a Shark partner to help with national chain distribution. Max brings MorningHead to Shark Tank and asks for a $25,000 investment in return for a 20% interest in the business.

He uses the product to show how easy and smooth it is to comb out his hair. He continues by stating that his company has been in operation for 18 months and has sold 7,000 devices in 42 countries.

On his own website and with videos he produced, Max has been selling MorningHead and has amassed 165,000 views. He continued by saying that if he could produce more MorningHead caps, he could lower the cost of production to $1, boosting revenues.

His performances, as a result, are so good that the Sharks are interested in him. First to withdraw from the agreement was Mark Cuban, who was followed by Barbara Corcoran, Robert Herjavec, Daymond John, and then Kevin O’Leary.

No agreement was reached between the Shark Tank investors and MorningHead Company during the pitch.

What Happened to Morning Head After the Shark Tank?

The company is still in business, and to enhance their sales they have partnered with other companies and sold more through other websites like Amazon. In 2021, the item will be offered on Amazon.

Since Fare Harbor is succeeding, it is currently more of a novelty side business. The business’s yearly revenue is under $100,000.

The Net Worth of Morning Head

In 2022, the company will be worth a net $100,000.

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