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Amazing Mirzapur Dialogue Memes, Dialogues, Quotes | Season 1, 2 And 3

Mirzapur Dialogue Memes

Mirzapur Dialogue Memes

Mirzapur is the new Netflix show based on a novel by Mohsin Hamid. It’s set in rural Uttar Pradesh, India, and follows the intertwining lives of four men as they navigate their way through corruption, crime, drugs, violence, poverty, and religious extremism. The show has been applauded for its cinematography and storytelling with many calling it “the best Indian TV series ever made”. Join us as we dive into some of the most memorable Mirzapur memes that have taken over our timelines this past year! Aankhen mein bhi khushi hai ki sabko yeh blog post padhne ka mauka mila!

Mirzapur Dialogue Memes | Mirzapur Meme Template 

Online content communities have taken to making memes out of the dialogue in the Indian show Mirzapur. The memes are attributing dialogues from the show with deliberately bad captions that are often used to poke fun at Indian societal norms. These memes have given people a chance to laugh at the awkwardness that is inherent in many social situations and try and make sense of their own lives as well!

mirzapur dialogue memes
When you are done with your purpose of watching FTV
Munna mute hai munna hi pani dalenge
When your neighbor runs out of sugar
Hum sulta lenge bhaiyya ji
When you survive a Molotov Cocktail attack in PUBG
When your friend asks you to keep it secret, but you didn’t care
Ghanta sulta loge tum ae

When you see a cute cactus
When your friend calls you in the middle of the night to tell a gossip
When your friend gets angry over you for not wishing him Happy Birthday
When your friend doesn’t have 8x scope and he says, “bhai bata kya chahiye” (PUBG)
Zuth bolna to sikh jao
Bhudhi bohut tej hai tumhari
Every after drinking conversations

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We hope you’ve enjoyed our collection of amazing Mirzapur dialogue memes, dialogues, and quotes. If there are any that we missed or if you have any other favorites from the show, please let us know in the comments below! Thank you for reading this article on!

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