Mickey Mouse Horror Movie Release Date: A New Turn for the Iconic Character

Mickey Mouse Horror Movie Release Date

Disney’s most famous character, Mickey Mouse, is set to star in a new R-rated horror movie. This surprising announcement comes as the copyright on the earliest versions of the cartoon character expired in the United States.

Mickey Mouse Horror Movie Release Date and Announcement

Mickey Mouse Horror Movie Release Date

The announcement of the Mickey Mouse R-rated horror movie, titled “Mickey Mouse’s Midnight Massacre”, was made on October 10, 2023. The movie is set to release in October 2024.

Mickey Mouse Horror Movie Plot and Details

“Mickey Mouse’s Midnight Massacre” will be the first R-rated Disney horror movie ever made. In this new movie, Mickey Mouse is put under an evil spell by “The Creator”. Under the spell, he sets out to destroy Disney World and all of the characters inside the parks.

Throughout the movie, Mickey sadly murders some of his friends including Goofy and even his sweetheart Minnie. He also ends up destroying Cinderella Castle as well as many of the attractions, like Space Mountain and even the Jungle Cruise.

Mickey Mouse Horror Movie Production and Filming

“Mickey Mouse’s Midnight Massacre” will be a live-action R-rated horror movie. It will be filmed partially inside the Disney World theme parks. They will also use a lot of CGI to make this truly a spectacular film.

Mickey Mouse Horror Movie Public Reaction

The announcement of the Mickey Mouse horror movie, “Mickey Mouse’s Midnight Massacre”, truly shocked the world. This was a significant departure from Disney’s traditional family-friendly content. However, with the horror movie genre growing in popularity, Disney saw this as the perfect opportunity to jump into the horror market with one of their most loved characters.

As soon as Mickey Mouse’s earliest version, Steamboat Willie, entered the public domain, people started reimagining the character in various ways. Some created horror stories for the character, while others reimagined Willie in a sexual nature or as a violent criminal carrying weapons such as knives and guns.

Emmy-winning director, Jason Gallagher, claimed to be one of the first people to create something with the public domain Willie. He made a montage of clips from the film with colored panels over the top and the images in sync with Cardi B’s hit rap song from 2020, “W.A.P.”.

Overall, the public reaction to the announcement of the Mickey Mouse horror movie was mixed, with some expressing surprise and disappointment, while others saw it as an exciting new direction for the iconic character.

Who Is The Director of This Movie?

The directors of the Mickey Mouse horror movie, “Mickey Mouse’s Midnight Massacre”, are Travis BowenByron Cherry, and Don Pedro Colley. Travis Bowen is also the writer of the movie.

When Did Steamboat Willie Enter Public Domain?

The animated short “Steamboat Willie”, which features the first appearance of Mickey Mouse, entered the public domain on January 1, 2024.

Steamboat Willie

What Are Some Other Horror Movies From Disney?

Disney+ has a surprisingly well-stocked collection of horror films, despite being known as the most family-friendly of the major streaming services. Here are a few notable ones:

  1. No One Will Save You: A home invasion thriller with a twist, this film features only five words of dialogue throughout its entire running time but succeeds in weaving an enjoyably suspenseful tale of one young woman’s struggle against an otherworldly threat.
  2. Barbarian: This hit indie horror movie begins with a young woman arriving at an Airbnb in a dark, desolate Detroit suburb – only to find the house already occupied by a man who claims to have booked it through another short letting app.
  3. Fresh: Sick of dreary or downright disastrous Tinder dates, Noa decides to ditch the apps and meet a man the old-fashioned way. She then crosses paths with the charming, handsome and goofy Steve, and the pair swiftly hit it off.

Please note that the availability of these films may vary depending on your location and the specifics of your Disney+ subscription.

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In conclusion, “Mickey Mouse’s Midnight Massacre” represents a bold new direction for Disney and its iconic character, Mickey Mouse. As fans eagerly await the release of the movie in October 2024, it remains to be seen how this new interpretation of Mickey Mouse will be received.

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