Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery: What Happened to Meg Ryan’s Face After Surgery? Check Here For More Updates

meg ryan plastic surgery

Meg Ryan, a well-known American actress, and producer, is said to have undergone four plastic procedures to improve the aesthetics of her physique.

Ryan consistently seems to deny the reports and conjectures when questioned. She claimed to have never undergone surgery and expressed her joy in aging. Following are the actress’s surgical hints:

“Before and After” Meg Ryan

Meg Ryan, 57, has undergone significant changes as a successful producer and actor during the course of her career. Here is a comparison of her appearance in the past and the present:

It is clear from the picture above that she has undergone some significant changes to her appearance. She reportedly underwent facelift surgery, lip and cheek fillers, Botox, and eyelid surgery.

Injections of Botox

meg ryan plastic surgery

It has been reported that Meg Ryan, who has a net worth of $45 million, had many Botox injections in her face. This rumor is motivated by the mother of Jack Quaid’s bloated and puffy face. Her face used to be normal, with some creases around her eyes. Her cheekbones and eyes still have folded around them, but it also looks like some of those wrinkles have been tucked and sewn in.

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Ryan must have made the decision to receive this treatment due to her aging, like the majority of people. Due to her tight cheeks, the allegation that she had Botox appears to be somewhat genuine. Her nose and the skin around her eyes aren’t as smooth as they once were.

Cheek and Lip Fillers

It has also been rumored that Ryan, Dennis Quaid’s ex-wife, had fillers injected into her cheeks and lips. Her lips were once those of a typical woman, but they are now bigger and puffier than they were before. Additionally, it appears like she used cosmetic fillers to fill up her cheeks to some extent afterward.

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While the majority of people and reviewers claimed the actress’s two lips were artificially augmented and were larger than before, she insisted they were not. She also refuted rumors that she used cheek fillers to add fat to her cheeks. But there’s no doubting that her cheeks look fuller and more bouncy than they did before.

The Facelift

Meg, the star of “When Harry Met Sally,” is also said to have undergone a facelift. Despite being 57 years old, her face has aged better. People have claimed that she did get surgery to remove the extra skin and contour her lower face. Her skin around her jaw, which used to be loose, has now tightened. Thanks to the purported facelift, if she actually chose it.

Eyelid Surgery

Meg Ryan, an actress who was born in Connecticut, is likewise thought to have had her upper eyelids altered with the aid of a surgeon’s scalpel. It is believed that she has removed the skin from her upper eyelids because they previously didn’t show much.

Through eyelid reconstruction surgery, the upper eyelids now seem slightly fuller than they did previously. If we compare her before and after pictures, we can clearly notice the difference in her eyelids, therefore it seems to be real in some way:

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