Mattress Mack Net Worth: American Businessman Income, Career and Other Updates!

Jim McIngvale, better known as Mattress Mack, is an American businessman. He is most recognized for being the owner and manager of the chain of Gallery Furniture stores in Houston.

He is also renowned for placing extremely huge wagers on sporting events, notably those involving the Houston Astros. His wagers frequently incorporate promotions at his businesses where clients may get their money back for recently bought mattresses if the Astros win. Then, in order to cover the cost of the marketing, he places huge bets on the Astros.

Early Life

James was born in Starkville, Mississippi on February 11, 1951. His parents were both white. After graduating from Bishop Lynch High School in Dallas, he played football at North Texas State University, which is now known as the University of North Texas.

Football was his childhood sport of choice, and he played on the college squad. Mattress Mack was highly intelligent as a young boy and was always interested in business management. Later, he excelled as a businessman.


Mack spent a significant amount of money on ads in the early years of Gallery Furniture in an effort to grow his company. His plan was successful, and Gallery Furniture’s sales grew significantly.

Mattress Mack Net Worth

A 1992 film called Sidekicks was produced by Mack and his wife. He also co-authored the book Always Think Big, which details the highs and lows of his professional career in business.

Mack is involved in politics in addition to his business career. He has long been a Congress party supporter. Additionally, Mack has held a number of significant posts during his political career.

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Net Worth

Jim McIngvale is the owner of the huge American company Gallery Furniture, which operates as a retail chain. One of the greatest pieces of furniture in America is produced by his company.

All thanks to the company’s creator and owner, whose method of conducting business has distinguished him from the competition. Currently, Mack is worth $310 million.

He currently has a million-dollar property at Lake House that has a gourmet kitchen and Swarovski crystal chandeliers despite the fact that the business was founded in Texas.

Personal Life


Elizabeth, Laura, and James McIngvale are James and Linda’s three kids.

The most well-liked of Mattress Mack’s kids is Elizabeth. She established the Peace of Mind Foundation and is a philanthropist.

The businessman’s second daughter is Laura McIngvale. She is a businesswoman as well and is the proprietor of the Vince Young Steakhouse and the Brick & Mortar Kitchen. Texas is where Laura’s businesses are located. She was on the board of the Peace of Mind Foundation.

The businessman’s only son is James. He lives a quiet life and not much is known about him.

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During Hurricane Harvey’s onslaught, Jim agreed to let people stay at his establishments as shelters. He once more permitted Gallery Furniture outlets to be used as shelters and venues for free meal services when Tropical Storm Imelda caused most of Houston to flood.

Jim once more allowed his stores to serve as shelters, supplies of food, and other emergency comforts in 2021 during the Texas Power Crisis and Hurricane Ida, not just in Texas but also at his outlets in Louisiana.

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