Martin Bashir Net Worth: Early Life, Career, Assets and Other Updates!

martin bashir

The BBC interview Martin had with Princess Diana in 1995 made him famous among British journalists who worked for other networks in both the UK and the US. It was later discovered, though, that Bashir had used dishonest tactics to win her cooperation.

Early Life

Martin Bashir, the son of Pakistani Muslims who immigrated to the United Kingdom, was born on January 19, 1963, and raised in Wandsworth, South London. The parents of Martin had five children in total. His brother Tommy passed away in 1991 after being diagnosed with muscular dystrophy.

The Capricorn sign represents Martin Bashir. He received his diploma from the University of Winchester with a double major in English and History. As part of his Master’s degree at King’s College in London, he also finished a Theology course.

Net Worth

Martin Bashir’s net worth is believed to be about £5 million after taking into account all of his earnings, the value of Panoramic Productions Ltd., and his possessions, which include a house, several cars, and other items.


He and his wife Deborah, who is a co-owner of the Panoramic company, had purchased a house close to London’s Regents Park, where they still live.

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Martin Bashir is distinctly depressed despite owning a brand-new six-bedroom mansion worth £1.7 million and a Mercedes-Benz worth $66,000.


In 1986, he began working for the BBC on the program Songs of Praise, which was the beginning of his journalism career. His fame increased when he was hired as the Nightline anchor by ABC.

Martin joined BBC as a junior journalist in 1986 after working as a freelance sportswriter for a short while. He contributed to shows like “Songs of Praise,” “Public Eye,” and “Panorama” while employed at the prestigious network up until 1999.


In 1995, he first gained notoriety when he had a still-discussed conversation with the Princess. After all, Diana famously confessed to Martin that she was married to three people and revealed her propensity for paranoia and self-harm.

Martin moved to New York in 2004 after gaining prominence in Britain and continued to make a fortune as an anchor for various well-known programs for ABC and MSNBC. He served as a correspondent for a number of programs, including “Nightline,” “Dateline NBC,” and his own program, “Martin Bashir.”

Martin returned to England in late 2016 and joined the BBC again as its religious editor, a position he maintained until May 14, 2021, when he announced his resignation and cited health concerns.

With his performance of Nat King Cole’s “L.O.V.E,” Martin helped X-Factor advance to the live shows. He’s appeared on the program since October 2019.

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Personal Life

A journalist and news anchor from Wandsworth, London, named Deborah Bashir is Martin’s wife. additionally, the couple is parents to three kids. On Instagram, he has more than 20,000 followers, and on Twitter, 32,000. On Facebook, though, he is not active.

Deborah doesn’t appear to be involved in show business, and Martin keeps his private life discreet. Martin had a brain tumor, which was discovered in 2008. Throughout that illness, Deborah was at his side.

He also caught the coronavirus at about the same time. The BBC’s deputy director of news, Jonathan Munro, wished the man a full and quick recovery in a statement to the employees.



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