Marisa Papen
Marisa Papen

Marisa Papen’s Reason Of Swimming Naked With Shark Is Out By Herself

The Belgian model, Marisa Papen, is habitual to chasing risky shots has revealed her latest project, which is not a common one or even for weak hearted people.

She took part in an open ocean photo shoot in Hawaii with sharks. She even said she was not scared to dive in the water with those fatal and deadly predators.

Marisa Papen
Marisa Papen

“People ask me if I was scared but actually I was not scared at all,” she said.

“They were Galapagos sharks. There were also a couple of reef sharks around and one tiger shark that swam up to us, we didn’t get to photograph him though, he was in and out.”

The 28-year-old Belgian model said she wanted to do a photo shoot. The photoshoot took place at the Island of Oahu. The intention of doing this photoshoot was to change the perception of people about nudity and one of the fierce inhabitants of the ocean.

“The message is all about breaking stigmas and taboos. Nudity is seen as bad in our society, and so are sharks,” she said.

“Over the years, sharks have gained a bad reputation because of the film industry.

“I wanted to challenge viewers by looking at these magnificent creatures with a different eye.”

Marisa Papen
Marisa Papen

Marisa Papen has been in the news before as well where she posed naked in front of Jerusalem’s Wailing Wall. This was one year after she was jailed for doing a bold and nude photoshoot in an Egyptian Temple. She was seen taking the picture from the rooftop of a building in the city of Middle East country.

“It was immediately clear to me that if we could manage to take a picture in front of or near the Wailing Wall, the whole trip would be a success,” she said.

“We got into a conversation with a super friendly guy, who turned out to be Muslim, and he invited us into his house where we drank coffee and mint tea.” Marisa Papen said.

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