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maria sharapova shark tank

Maria Yuryevna Sharapova (born 19 April 1987 in the United States) is a former world No. 1 tennis player from Russia. From 2001 to 2020, she participated in the WTA Tour and held the world’s No. 1 singles ranking for 21 weeks. She is one of just eight women to complete the career Grand Slam, and the only Russian to do it. She won silver in the women’s singles event at the 2012 London Olympics.


Maria Sharapova was born on April 19, 1987, in Nyagan, Russian Soviet Socialist Republic, Soviet Union. Yuri Sharapov and Yelena Sharapov, her parents, are from Gomel, Byelorussian SSR. They fled their homeland just before Maria was born, fearful of the regional ramifications of the 1986 Chornobyl nuclear tragedy.

Maria Sharapova’s Experience as A Guest:

On Sunday’s episode of “Shark Tank,” two wrist and ankle-weight entrepreneurs went the farthest, and the sharks competed for a chance to work with tennis ace and guest shark Maria Sharapova. Bala Bangles, designed by Natalie Holloway and her husband Max Kislevitz, is a sleek modern version of the 1980s wrist and ankle weights. Holloway, a trained yoga instructor, created the weights without using his hands. They demonstrated their goods with an impromptu aerobics session, asking investors for $400,000 for a 10% ownership in their firm.

maria sharapova shark tank

“Adding our weights to your workout can raise your heart rate, burn fat, and help you gain muscle,” Kislevitz explained. “So there will be a bit less jiggle when you wriggle.”

‘Shark Tank’: Investors recount the finest and worst presentations from the show, as well as the one that got away The product thrilled the sharks, including Kevin O’Leary, who was questioned by Sharapova about his fitness regimen: “When was the last time you worked out, Kevin?”

Max Kislevitz and Natalie Holloway, a husband and wife team from Los Angeles, pitch their wrist and ankle weights in the hopes of partnering with retired tennis player Maria Sharapova.

However, the product’s sales enthralled the sharks even more. Bala Bangles is expected to make $2.2 million in sales this year, both online and in shops like Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom. The couple needed the money to deal with an inventory issue, and Sharapova’s brand endorsement was important to them.”I enjoy this a lot,” Sharapova said. It seems to suit well into my category. For the past year, I’ve been utilizing the one- and two-pound weights as part of my shoulder rehabilitation. I’m well aware of the situation. I enjoy the way it looks and feels.”

Sharapova agreed to pay them $400,000 in exchange for a 30% stake in the firm and the opportunity to work with another shark. Lori Greiner and Daymond John battled for their attention.

Sharapova Recounted Her Own Story:

The nicest thing about being a guest judge on the show, according to Sharapova, was seeing how the contestants “push themselves.” She said: “I enjoy it when the founders are a little frightened because… I believe that’s when their weaknesses come out, and they see how they test themselves and show themselves, and they realize they’re not as confident as they had prepared or imagined in their imaginations.

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“I love seeing businesses emerge out of it because it truly shows what they are made of,” Sharapova continued. ‘Shark Tank’ is a fantastic chance because it is watched by so many people, and you have so many successful, affluent individuals in front of you who can invest in your companies. So this is a significant occasion. However, if they want to be a successful brand, they will have to deal with a lot more of these issues and scenarios.”

Sharapova has demonstrated exceptional entrepreneurial sense and commercial aptitude by launching her own candy line, Sugarpova, and dabbling in interior design.


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