How Shark Tank Changes Life Of Major Mom? – Net Worth Of Major Mom


Shark Tank is a business reality television show that debuted on ABC on August 9, 2009. The show is the American adaptation of the worldwide format Dragons’ Den, which first aired in Japan in 2001 under the title Money Tigers.  It depicts entrepreneurs giving presentations to a panel of five investors, or “sharks,” who determine whether or not to invest in their venture.

In the first four years of the category’s existence, the series was a rating success in its time slot, earning the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Structured Reality Program four times (2014–2017). It has previously won the Outstanding Reality Program (2012–13).

Shark Tank With Major Mom:

Major Mom Shark Tank

Major Mom, the one and only, is returning to the Shark Tank this Friday night in Episode 719 with a simple mission: to help you become organized, Military Style. Angela Cody-Rouget, dubbed “AKA Major Mom,” is a professional organizer that creates personalized organizing systems for a wide range of clientele, including busy families, professionals, and companies. Major Mom’s role is defined as follows:

“A professional organizer improves clients’ lives by creating systems and procedures based on organizing concepts and transmitting organizational skills.” Professional organizers assist individuals and organizations in gaining control of their environment, time, paper, and procedures in order to live more productive lives.”

Cody-Rouget had 16 years in the Air Force and was a true Major in the military before starting Major Mom’s organizing company. Major Mom currently leads a team of Organizing Liberators in Colorado and Arizona that can assist you in becoming and becoming organized. Angela’s main objective is to secure a Shark Tank investment to enable her to expand her army of liberators and organize the country one house at a time.

How well-trained are Major Mom’s Liberators? According to this video, the Major starts off with the Major Mom cadence call to maintain Her men in military order. When it comes to the formation, I’m not sure if they’d make better soldiers or cheerleaders, but it’s a fun name.

Cody-Rouget appears to have founded Major Mom Organizing Service immediately after leaving the United States military in 2006. For the Sharks, 10 years in business is considered a very long period when it comes to the products, businesses, and services showcased on the show. There are four sites in two states, according to the Major Mom website. The Sharks will no doubt be pleased to hear that the company is growing (particularly after Shark Tank Episode 719) but why doesn’t Major Mom have a whole Brigade of Organizing Liberators by now? To find out what’s stopping Angela from organizing the entire country, we’ll have to wait until this episode airs on Friday, February 5, 2016.

Despite the fact that Angela did not receive a Shark Tank investment, Major Moms is still going strong!

Angela got 18 clients, 139 leads, and $16,752 as a result of her appearance on the show.

The company has grown to 14 sites across five states, with many more Liberators on the way.



Major Mom


Home organizational service


Angela Cody-Rouget

Asked for:

$150,000 for 20%





Net Worth:

$3 Million – *Estimated


Major Mom’s success continues to increase, despite Angela’s Cody-failure Reignite acquiring the $150,000 investment for 20% of her company. Phoenix, Colorado Springs, Denver, Indianapolis, Columbus, and San Antonio are also home to major Mom locations.


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