Lydia Tin Ha Sum Net Worth: Popular Actress Income, Career, Death and Other Updates!

Lydia Tin Ha Sum, a popular actress, and singer from Hong Kong were well-known not only for her comedic skills but also for her versatility as a lead actress. As soon as she started working for The Shaw Brothers studio, she garnered additional notoriety.

Her involvement in the Crazy World series, which is a recipe for hearing double fattiness, gave her the opportunity to gain attention from the general public.

Along with collaborating with Chinese individuals, she also persuaded her to pursue an English-speaking profession, which made her popular with people all over the world.

Along with the United Kingdom and Malaysia, Lydia Tin Ha Sum is highly recognized in Canada.

Early Years

On July 25, 1945, she was conceived. Lydia Tin Ha Sum started working at Shaw Brothers at the age of 15. The biggest studio for movies was Shaw Brothers. She receives her acting debut in 1960. She obtained her college degree from a private college.


In 1958, Shum joined the Hong Kong media organization at the age of 13. In 1960, she joined Shaw Brothers as an entertainer at the age of 15, making her cinematic debut. Shum made an appearance in Griffin Yueh Feng’s 1960 Mandarin satire When the Peach Blossoms Bloom.

Lydia Shum Tin

She gained notoriety while she was employed by Shaw Brothers and went on to become a key partner in the ground-breaking new broadcasting company TVB. Shum’s celebrity skyrocketed in 1967 thanks to the well-known theatre production Enjoy Yourself Tonight.

Fans of kung fu will recognize her from her role as Yuen Cheung-domineering Yan’s wife in the movie Drunken Tai Chi. She additionally had appearances as Richard Ng’s love interest in It’s a Mad World and the elite player parody Millionaire’s Express.

Her weight was referenced in the premise of her 1997 film Fitness Tour. In addition to facilitating a syndicated program on Hong Kong, several pledge campaigns, and theatre presentations on TVB, she vanished from her cinematic career that same year.

Shum played Lydia Sum in the Singaporean Channel 5 sitcom Living with Lydia and in Cantonese programs like Slim Chances. She was awarded “Best Comedy Performance by an Actress” at the 2003 Asian Television Awards for her performance in Living with Lydia.

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Net Worth

Her present net worth is $2 million after such a fruitful career in comedy and acting. From her acting debut with the Shaw Brothers through her work in foreign language films, she has achieved incredible heights in her career. She had gone a long way, and she was a superb actor who could play a variety of parts.

Personal Life

Lydia tin ha with joyce

Alfred Sung, who invented fashion, had a sister named Lydia Shum. After living together for 11 years, Shum married vocalist and entertainer Adam Cheng Siu-chow. Shum and Adam Cheng are the ones who gave birth to Joyce Cheng Yan-Yee. Cheng and Shum split up eight months after the conception of their daughter.


Lydia passed away at 8:38 a.m. on February 19, 2008. She passed away at age 62 from pleural effusion. She appeared in more than 100 Hong Kong films as an actor and hosted more than 5,000 different variety shows. Her acting resume also includes a lead part in the English-language Singaporean sitcom “Living with Lydia.”

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