Love and Pebble Shark Tank Updates 2022: What Happened to Love and Pebble Beauty Pops after Shark Tank?

love and pebble shark tank

What Is Love and Pebble Beauty Pops?

The frozen superfood face mask Love and Pebble Beauty pops are incredible. They are made with natural, skin-loving superfoods including papaya, banana, turmeric, and aloe Vera, and contain no preservatives.

love and pebble shark tank

This mask gently exfoliates, tightens, and nourishes your skin, giving it a healthy shine! Preservatives are unnecessary in beauty pops because they are powdered. It’s devoid of parabens, alcohol, and preservatives, as well as being cruelty-free — there’s nothing nasty in it.

Love & Pebble, a skincare company that makes beauty pops, was created by Paul Tran and Lynda Truong. The brand’s odd title was inspired by a penguin, which is interesting.

Love and Pebble Beauty Pops Founder:

love and pebble shark tank

Love and Pebble Beauty Pops was founded by Paul Tran and Lynda Truong. The title “Love and Pebble” refers to the habit of penguins giving pebbles to their partners.

The name encapsulates Paul and Lynda’s principles of love and loyalty in both their personal and professional lives. Lynda started making natural skincare products when she was a teenager. She suffered from acne, but her family couldn’t afford skin care products, so she made her own.

She chose to start her own beauty care business in 2018. With the help of her husband, who is a pharmacist, they created their distinctive product, beauty pops. They want to make their debut in 2020.

To make the pops, mix the powder with water and freeze it into a circular ice pop. Massage the frozen pop over your face to create a face mask that tightens pores, exfoliates, and nourishes the skin.

Banana powder, papaya powder, wild turmeric powder, and organic aloe Vera powder are all-natural ingredients in the pop powder. Serums, derma-rollers, and a serum micro-needling tool are also available. The beauty pop kit will set you back $46.

It comes with a two-pop mold, a spoon, a mixing spatula, and a five-ounce mixing powder canister. This will serve 12-14 people. Refilling the powder costs $29. The pops, as well as other products, may be found on the company’s website or on Amazon.

What Happened to Pebble Beauty Pops and Love during the Shark Tank Pitch?

In Shark Tank episode 1310, Paul Tran and Lynda Truong, a husband and wife team, seek a Shark for their natural skincare company, Love and Pebble. Paul and Lynda are seeking a Shark to help them with brand development and marketing.

Paul and Lynda entered the Tank looking for $150,000 in return for a 10% interest in their $1.5 million firms. They show off their beauty pops and talk about the natural ingredients. After that, they demonstrate how to make the pops. Daniel wonders if the Sharks’ samples are edible, and the answer is yes.

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Mr. Wonderful wondered if common ice might perform the same effect. Lynda claims that the ice reduces puffiness and that the resulting mask nourishes the skin. Despite the fact that there are other ice rollers and face masks on the market, they are the first to combine the two. After seeing Lynda wipe a frozen banana across her face, Paul came up with the idea and used his pharmaceutical expertise to produce a commercial formulation.

The Sharks like the story, but Mr. Wonderful is more concerned about the numbers. The total amount of sales over the course of a lifetime is $898,000. They started in 2021 and owing to a before and after video of Lynda’s mother, they immediately achieved notoriety on TikTok.

Each product costs $9.20 to freight and costs $46 to sell. Lynda began her firm using the money from the sale of her home. A client acquisition cost is $7. They want a Shark to help them navigate the purchasing world, but Mark cautions them against ignoring online sales. Mark is unconcerned about skincare and goes out.

Kevin admits that it was not for him, and he has resigned. Daniel is inexperienced in the field, and he also leaves. Lori likes Paul and Lynda, but thinks they should focus on steady growth instead; she’s out.

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Barbara wonders if the social media craze was a one-time event. Barbara feels that retail is not the way to go, but that it does not require significant investment; she was out. Finally, the two left the pitch without reaching an agreement.

After Shark Tank, What Happened to Love and Pebble Beauty Pops?

Despite the pitch’s inability to close the business, the company saw an uptick in post-show sales. The company is still in operation as of February 2022, albeit no revenue has been reported.

Banana powder in cosmetics, such as Shimmer Life’s Banana Pudding Makeup Kit, is one of them.

Love and Pebble Beauty Pops’ Net Worth:

During and after the pitch, the firm was valued at $1.5 million. Since then, the corporation has continued to operate, and its net value may now exceed that of the pitch.



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